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Managing Offers in Europe

You have three options for managing offers in Europe.

International listing tools value comparison

Expand Offers Internationally Build International Listings Translate Your Products (BETA)
Value Allows sellers to expand their sales by enabling listings in one marketplace to be created in a second marketplace (where the detail page already exists in the target marketplace). Allows sellers to expand their sales by enabling listings in one marketplace to be created in a second marketplace (where the detail page already exists in the target marketplace) by the click of a single button. Allows sellers to expand their selection internationally and thus drive additional sales by having a source marketplace ASIN translated and localized to an identified target EU marketplace and enable an offer on that ASIN once it is created.
Who should use this tool Sellers that:
  • Want a high level of control, managing each listing and its price for each product by target marketplace.
  • Know the exchange rate and monitor them on a regular basis.
  • Use Seller Central and flat file uploads or the Manage Inventory page to manage listings and price on an ongoing basis.
Sellers that:
  • Want to expand internationally but do not want to use flat files to enable international listings.
  • Are comfortable setting one pricing rule that will be applied to all of their listings in the target marketplace.
  • Do not want to manage their daily exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Do not want to manage listings and pricing on a regular basis through the Manage Inventory page or other Seller Central tools.
  • Have listings with "New" condition.
Sellers that:
  • Want to expand internationally but have ASINs without detail pages in the target marketplace.
  • Can wait up to two weeks before enabling their offers to be created in a target marketplace.
Seller Tool Sophistication Required Requires reverse feed knowledge. Sellers will have to download their active listings report, use Excel to remove or add SKUs, edit prices, and then re-upload. Formats differ from country to country, so some modifications may be required depending on which European marketplace the seller is enabled. Very low sophistication required, however sellers are required to know that Amazon will sever the connection when any target marketplace listings are edited, including price changes. Low sophistication required, but high level of engagement required through the process as sellers are required to submit the request, approve the request, and create the offer after the translation and localization is complete.
Note: For sellers that use Build International Listings, the listing from the source will become auto synchronized once the translation of the ASIN detail page is complete. The synchronized listing will leverage the pricing rules established in Build International Listings.
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