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Deciding to sell in Europe

Amazon provides you with tools and services that are unique to the European marketplace, so you can get started selling in more than one country right away. When you register to sell in any of Amazon’s European Marketplaces, you get instant access through your seller account to all of Amazon’s European Marketplaces so that you can create and manage your product offers on any or all of these marketplaces through one account and one interface. Amazon’s European Marketplaces include Amazon. fr,,,, and

When you sell in Europe, you can fulfill on your own or you can use Fulfillment by Amazon. With Fulfillment by Amazon, you send your inventory into Amazon's fulfillment centers in Europe, and we will pick, pack, and ship orders on your behalf throughout Europe with Amazon's European Fulfillment Network (EFN), which enables you to fulfill eligible products across all the Amazon European Marketplaces from a single pool of inventory.

Product demand

Perhaps your product sells well in your home marketplace, and you’re curious whether it would appeal to consumers in another marketplace. Research the marketplace where you want to sell your products.

  • Is there a demand for the products you want to sell?
  • Is there a lack of products like yours, or a lack of products in the price range you can offer?

You may also want to verify that the product would be appropriate for the marketplace you are considering. For example, feather beds successfully selling on may not sell as well on because the standard mattress sizes are different. You might need to modify your product or reposition your marketing, copy, and packaging to better meet the needs of your target consumers. Consider researching the marketplace’s customs, traditions, and demographics, such as average age and income to help determine your product’s appropriateness.

Local competition

Consider the prices, selection, and other factors that influence customer buying decisions in each marketplace that you sell and consider how potential competitors are addressing these criteria. You may be able to use this information to plan your offers. Study your competitors’ best-selling products in the categories where you want to sell your products, and look at the products that are similar to yours.

  • If similar products are available in the target marketplace, what's the price point that wins the Buy Box?
  • Do the best-selling products ship for free or for reduced rates?

Competitive pricing

As you determine the price points for your products, you can compare your price position with similar products that are already selling on the marketplace where you want to sell your products and also consider your purchase price and inbound shipping costs (for shipping the product directly to your customers or for shipping the product to an Amazon fulfillment center in Europe), including taxes and duties.

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