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Listing classification alerts

Amazon alerts sellers to improve the classification of a listing when a listing is not correctly classified on the website. Either these listings are missing a category (Item-type) or are assigned a category that is too broad. For example, when listing a digital SLR camera, you should use the item-type as "digital-SLR-Camera" and not "digital-camera".

To identify the right classifications for your products, use the Product Classifier.

Note: Not listing under appropriate specific category reduces sales of these products because buyers find it relatively more difficult to find them using search or browse. Our studies have shown that you can improve sales by 8.9% by moving a listing.under correct category. For additional information, refer to Create inventory file templates and classify your products.

Correctly Categorized Listings Incorrectly Categorized Listings
This listing is shown in the Digital SLR Camera browse node and all locations above this. A buyer would be able to easily find this listing in the Digital SLR Camera browse node.

This listing is shown in the Digital Camera browse node. A buyer would not find this listing in the Digital SLR Camera browse node, even though that is the correct node for this product.

Fixing your listings

Identify and fix the listings that are not correctly classified by using the following features:

  • Manage Inventory in Seller Central
    1. Click Manage Inventory under the Inventory tab in Seller Central.
    2. Click the Category (Item-type) filter to see the listings that are not located optimally.
    3. Click Edit Details from the Actions dropdown, and then click Category (item-type) on the More Details tab.
  • Downloadable Report in Seller Central
    1. Click Inventory Reports under the Inventory tab in Seller Central.
    2. Select the Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report (New).
    3. Click the Request Report button to download a report with these ASINs.
    4. Use the Product Classifier to identify the optimal location for the listings.
    5. Update the Item-type cell in your Inventory File or XML with the value from the Product Classifier.
  • Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) API

    The Recommendations API section of Amazon MWS enables you to programmatically retrieve Amazon Selling Coach recommendations by recommendation category. Read the instructions on how to access the Recommendations API.

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