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Brand and Manufacturer in Consumer Electronics

Brand information allows customers to determine the model and brand of the product they may purchase. These fields improve the accuracy of your data listings and help customers discover your products. Typically, Brand is the best identifier for a product, but occasionally Manufacturer is used (more common with furniture). We request that you fill out both fields.

Brand Manufacturer
  • A unique and identifiable symbol, association, name, or trademark that serves to differentiate competing products or services
  • A name used to distinguish one product from its competitors; it can apply to a single product, an entire product line, or even a company
  • A name or symbol used to identify a seller's goods or services, and to differentiate them from those of competitors
  • Example: LaCie
  • A business engaged in manufacturing a product
  • Someone who manufactures something
  • Example: Case Logic

Note: It is important to not use your seller name for Brand or Manufacturer information. If you are not listing a branded product, use 'Generic' in the Brand attribute field.
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