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Selling International Media Products

Sellers are allowed to sell international versions of certain media products in New1 condition on in the following categories:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Video, DVD & Blu-ray
  • Video Games

International versions of software products are not allowed on

When listing international versions of media products, sellers must use separate ASINs from the domestic products. Listings of international versions of media products against the domestic ASIN will be deleted, and your selling privileges may be removed for repeated violations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Previously I wasn't allowed to list "New" condition international media products. Can I list them in New condition now?


The international version of the product I want to list is identical to the domestic version in all respects. Can I list it against the domestic ASIN?

No. We require international versions to be listed against separate ASINs from the domestic product in all cases.

Why can't I list an international version of a product against the domestic ASIN?

International versions of products may be different from the domestic product. Therefore, we require international versions to be listed against separate ASINs from the domestic product. Having separate ASINs helps to maintain a clear experience for customers so that they are able to purchase the product they intend.

What do I do if the CD/DVD/other digital content that comes with an international version of product doesn't work in Mexico? Can I still sell this product?

Yes. However, this must be disclosed clearly in the condition notes. Please ensure that when you create the listing you are including the appropriate disclosure that the digital content will be inaccessible.

Is it legal to sell an international version of a product?

The offering or sale of an international edition of a book, CD, DVD/Blu-ray disc, or video game in Mexico may not infringe a rights owner's copyright. However, it is the seller's obligation to determine whether its products can be legally sold.

A rights holder contacted me claiming that I'm infringing their copyright by selling international versions of their product. What should I do?

We cannot advise you on your rights to sell specific products. However, Amazon is currently permitting sellers to sell international versions of certain media products on

Can I list international versions of non-media products?

Please refer to the Overview of Categories help page for more information about available product categories that may be listed on

1A brand-new, unused, unopened item in its original packaging, with all original packaging materials included. Original protective wrapping, if any, is intact. Original manufacturer's warranty, if any, still applies, with warranty details included in the listing comments.

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