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Best Practices for Listing Quality

To create a high-quality detail page, you need the product title, images, brand, description, and bulleted lists. This information can help a detail page display higher in search results, which increases the likelihood of product discoverability or customer clicks. We have created category style guides, which contain guidelines for images, descriptions, and so on. We used PDF format for your ease of downloading and printing. Review the Amazon Services Quick Start Style Guide to learn the basic style guidelines that apply to all categories.

See the following best practices for each field.

  • Product titles should be created using guidelines for the category
  • Images should accurately represent the product and show only the product for sale; images should have a white background and fill at least 85% of the image space
  • Description and bullet points should contain detailed information about the features and usage of the product as well as highlight specific product information not located elsewhere on the page

Product Title

The product title is one of the main fields used by Amazon and search engines to measure the relevancy of a detail page as part of a customer search. Titles that are created according to the category perform better in product searches. A customer is more likely to click on high-quality product titles in search results to help them make a purchasing decision. The following table shows high-quality listing compared to a low-quality listing.

Table 1. Title quality comparison
High Quality Title Low Quality Title


Using a quality image is an important element that helps a customer choose one search result over another. Images help the customer compare the features and benefits of products. Multiple images enable the customer to see all angles of the product, further enhancing their purchasing experience. The following table shows an example of a low-quality listing compared to multiple images for a high-quality listing.

Table 2. Image quality comparison
Multiple Images Missing Image

Desciption and Bullet Points

The description and bullet points are other fields used by Amazon and search engines to measure the relevancy of a detail page as part of a customer search.

Detail Page: High Quality Description

With more entertainment to enjoy and more exciting ways to watch, the VIZIO E-Series 50-inch Class LCD Smart TV is the perfect upgrade everyone will love. Packed with the latest must-have features — VIZIO Internet Apps® (V.I.A.) and stunning picture quality of 1080p Full HD and 120Hz effective refresh rate with smooth motion — this HDTV turns any room into your getaway to an exhilarating world of movies, sports and entertainment on demand. Enjoying favorites like Netflix®, Hulu Plus™, Youtube™, Skype™ and more is easier than ever with built-in WiFi and the included smart remote. The VIZIO E-Series 50-inch Class LCD Smart TV gives you more of what you love about TV with all of the brilliant picture quality and world-class service you’d expect from America’s #1 LCD HDTV company. This TV comes with a stand.

Detail Page: Low Quality Description

Vizio 19in. LED Black (Inv Code: W00)

Detail Page: High Quality Bullets

  • VIZIO Internet Apps - TV, Movies, Music, Apps
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy internet access; TV comes with a stand
  • 120Hz effective refresh rate with smooth motion for stunning picture clarity
  • 1080p Full HD for a crystal-clear picture
  • With stand: 45.65"W x 29.04"H x 9.42"D. Without stand: 45.65"W x 27.68"H x 3.90"D


The brand allows customers to filter their search results. While the brand is often contained in the title, description, and bullet points, it should also be included in the brand field.

For more information on managing your inventory, see Enhance your listings.

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