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Enable or block an alternate address to communicate with buyers

If you have more than one person within your company handling buyer communications, you can approve or block their email addresses to communicate with your buyers using Buyer-Seller Messaging.

Note: Email messages to your buyers not coming from the account’s registered email address for Buyer-Seller Messaging or from an authorized email address will be rejected. These email messages will need to be resent after authorizing the email address.

You can approve or block senders from the Alternate Email Address page.

The Authorized Email Addresses page displays the following:

  • Email addresses of those within your company you have granted access to send emails to your buyers through Buyer-Seller Messaging
  • Email addresses of those who have not yet been approved or have been blocked from sending messages to buyers

Email addresses can be personal email aliases as well as group email aliases (for example, the customer service department of your company).

To add an additional authorized email address or change the status of a current email address, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Authorized Emails Addresses page.
  2. To authorize a new email address, enter their email in the text box under Approved Senders and click Add to list.
  3. To change the status of a previously entered email address:
    1. To change an address from blocked to approved, click Approve selected in the Blocked senders section.
    2. To change an address from approved to blocked, click Block selected in the Approved senders section.

      The internal sender's email address will be automatically added to the Approved senders or Blocked senders list, respectively.

  4. Click Done to exit.

Note: You can approve an internal sender that was previously blocked or block an internal sender that was previously approved. However, you can't delete the email address of an internal sender if it has already been approved or blocked.

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