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Send/replenish inventory: Review shipments to Amazon

This page provides information about completing the fourth step of the Send/replenish inventory workflow, reviewing and approving your shipment.

Send/replenish inventory workflow steps:

  1. Set quantity for shipment to Amazon
  2. Prepare your products for FBA shipping
  3. Label products
  4. Review/view shipments to Amazon
  5. Prepare shipment to Amazon
  6. Summary of shipment process

Note: Once you confirm your shipment, the Review shipments page becomes the View shipments page.

When you create a shipping plan, the inventory in that shipping plan may be divided into multiple shipments to different fulfillment centers in order to:

  • Distribute your inventory throughout Amazon's fulfillment network to optimize shipping speeds and minimize delays
  • Manage special storage or handling requirements
  • Ensure proper processing at the fulfillment center

The Review shipments page displays a list of the shipments, as well as the shipment ID and destination fulfillment center for each shipment. Each shipment created as part of a shipping plan has its own shipment ID.

Changes that you make to your shipping plan may change the number of items in each shipment. For example, adding 12 items of a single product to your shipping plan may result in two shipments of six items each. If you change the total quantity from 12 to nine items, your plan may be updated, resulting in one shipment of seven items and a second shipment of two items.

Important: Make sure that you carefully review your shipping plan before you approve it. In step 5 of the workflow, Prepare shipment, you can edit the number of units in a shipment by up to 5 percent above or below the original amount—up to six units. However, if you want to change the number of units in a shipment by more than 5 percent, or if you want to remove units from your plan after you have approved it, you must delete the shipping plan before you have begun shipping any portion of it, and create a new shipping plan with the correct quantity.

We recommend that you do not print the pack list until after you approve the shipping plan. Pack lists printed before you approve a shipping plan may not reflect any changes you made before you approved the plan, and may lead to errors in your shipments. For example, if you send an unexpected number of items to a fulfillment center (too many or too few), this discrepancy will appear in the Shipping Queue as a problem with your shipment.

Review shipment information

On the Review shipments page, you can review and approve your shipment. The information provided includes:

  • Shipment name: A name is assigned to your shipment based on the date, time, and number of shipments included in the plan after it is divided.
    Tip: You can change the shipment name by typing a new name in the text box. When you have an existing shipping plan for the same fulfillment center that you haven't yet sent, you can add the new shipment to an existing shipment.
  • Shipment ID: A shipment ID is created automatically.
  • MSKUs: The number of MSKUs (unique product identifiers) included in the shipment
  • Units: The quantity of each MSKU in the shipment
  • Ship to: The code and location of the destination fulfillment center

You can see the entire contents of a shipment by clicking View shipment contents. Click Hide shipment contents to collapse the list.

Important: Click Back to return to the Set quantity page to update the number of units, if incorrect.

Approve shipments

Click Approve shipments to approve the shipping plan.

Make sure you confirm the details before you approve a shipment. Shipments that you approve will be expected at the assigned fulfillment centers.

Important: Not shipping your products as stated in your approved shipping plans (by canceling portions of a shipping plan after you've approved it and after you begin shipping any part of the shipping plan, misrouting shipments, or sending incomplete shipments) is not permitted and leads to additional processing and handling that can delay receipt of your inventory and its availability for sale. For more information about the FBA shipment policy and the possible actions we may take if your shipments are not compliant with that policy, go to Deleted, misrouted, and incomplete shipments.

If you don't want to send your shipments to multiple destinations, you can sign up for the FBA Inventory Placement Service and send all of your eligible inventory to a single receive or fulfillment center that we designate. When the shipment arrives, we route your products to different fulfillment centers for you. A per-item service fee applies.

After you click Approve shipments, the Review shipments page becomes the View shipments page.

View shipments

To continue working on an existing shipment, click Work on shipment.

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