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Selling electronics accessories

The following product types are included in the Electronics Accessories category:

Product type Examples of accessory products
Audio & Video Headphones, remotes, cables, mounts, antennas, surge protectors, blank media, cases, chargers, adapters, armbands and belt clips, batteries, transmitters, docking stations, cleaners, converters, home entertainment furniture, headsets
Camera & Photo Bundles with accessories, bags and cases, tripods and monopods, cables and cords, batteries and chargers, studio lighting, frames, film, filters, flashes, housings, grips, triggers, caps, cleaners, stabilizers, handles, mounts, stands, straps, adapters, viewers, light boxes, loupes, light meters, rain covers, remote controls, sand bags, viewfinders, eyepieces, scopes, motor drives, dummy or simulated surveillance cameras
Cell Phone Cases and covers, chargers, mounts, headsets, data cables, screen protectors, batteries, replacement parts
Car Electronics Cases, cables, mounts, mounting kits, installation harnesses, chargers, transmitters, alarm accessories, amplifier cooling fans, car cigarette lighter accessories
Computer Batteries, cases and bags, skins and decals, sleeves, chargers, cooling pads, docking stations, stands, cables and adapters, screen protectors, screen filters, mounts, security cables and locks, styluses
Office Ink and toner, landline phone batteries and cords, cables and connectors for scanners, cables and connectors for shredders, cables and connectors for printers, cables and connectors for copiers, calculator accessories, presentation devices, laser pointers, cash register trays and bags, PDA accessories

The following product types are NOT included in the Electronics Accessories category:

Product type Examples of non-accessory products
Audio & Video TVs, projectors, CD players, DVD players, Blu-ray players, VCRs, media players, radios, speakers, receivers, amplifiers, turntables, MP3 player docking speaker systems, portal audio speakers, e-book readers, boomboxes, two way radios, GPS
Camera & Photo Still and video cameras, still and video camera lenses, telescopes, microscopes, security cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, projectors
Cell Phone Cell phones
Car Electronics Car DVD players, radar detectors, speakers, subwoofers, receivers, amplifiers, head rest video, remote start, keyless entry, GPS
Computer Desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, keyboards, mice, computer speakers, webcams, USB drives, flash memory, external and internal hard drives, solid state hard drives, gamepads and controllers, modems, routers, networking items, all internal computer parts and components
Office Printers, projectors, shredders, scanners, calculators, landline phones, copiers, fax machines, voice recorders, electronic reference devices, cash registers, bar code scanners, VoIP phones

Referral fee calculation examples

Referral Fee (includes the applicable referral fee(s) as described below) Example 1: For an order containing 1 HDMI cable with a total sales price* of $5.00 Example 2: For an order containing 1 camera bag with a total sales price* of $30.00 Example 3: For an order containing 1 pair of headphones with a total sales price* of $150.00 Example 4: For an order containing 5 HDMI cables, each with a total sales price* of $2.00 Example 5: For an order containing 5 cell phone cases, each with a total sales price* of $8.00
15% for the portion of sales proceeds up to $100.00 (with a minimum referral fee of $1.00) $1.00

(with $1.00 minimum applied)


(with 15% fee applied)


(with 15% fee applied for this portion)

$5.00 ($1.00 x 5 cables)

(with $1.00 minimum applied to each item)


(15% x $8.00 x 5 cases, with 15% fee applied)

8% for any portion of sales proceeds greater than $100 $0.00 $0.00 $4.00 (with 8% fee applied for this portion) $0.00 $0.00
Total Referral Fee for Order $1.00 $4.50 $19.00 $5.00 $6.00

* Sales proceeds include the item price and any shipping and gift wrap charges.

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