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Delivering Televisions to Amazon

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On this page, you will learn about the requirements and restrictions for delivering televisions to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Packaging and prep for televisions must adhere to the following shipping guidelines to ensure the safety of your products while in transit and the accuracy of receiving them into the fulfillment center. These guidelines are in addition to the Shipping and Routing Requirements.

Small Parcel Deliveries

  • Televisions with screens 46" and smaller may be shipped to Amazon through small parcel deliveries. Televisions with screens larger than 46" must be shipped as less than truckload or full truckload.

Pallet Guidelines

  • Layers and pallets should consist of televisions of only one model and size.
  • Pallets should fit the size of the television with no overhang from the product packaging.
  • If stacking multiple layers of televisions in a load, only the bottom layer can be on a pallet. Do not use pallets between layers of stacked televisions.
  • All televisions must be secured to the pallet to prevent shifting during transportation and storage. 

Slip Sheets

  • Amazon does not accept televisions on slip sheets.

Floor Loading Guidelines

  • All floor-loaded televisions must have the televisions facing the front of the trailer. This is to ensure that a clamp truck can safely offload the products by clamping the ends of the product boxes.
  • All floor loaded televisions must adhere to Amazon’s clamp truck guidelines.

Product Stacking Guidelines

  • Stack televisions according to the manufacturers guidelines, so you do not exceed the number of layers allowed.
  • Stack televisions so they comply with the product packaging directions and remain vertical at all times.
  • Do not place any products with different ASINs or SKUs on top of the televisions. The stacked products must be the same orientation as the product below it.

Securing the Load

  • Brace television with load bars; do not cube out the trailer.
  • Brace televisions so they cannot tip during transport; tipping televisions more than 15 degrees can damage the products.

Amazon reserves the right to refuse any products that do not conform to these handling guidelines.

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