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FBA Inventory Placement Service

By default, when you create a shipping plan, your shipment may be divided into multiple shipments, each directed to a different receive center or fulfillment center (referred to as distributed inventory placement). The fulfillment centers are selected based on the products you're shipping and where you are shipping from. By having your inventory spread across multiple fulfillment centers across the country, customers who buy your product may receive it faster than they would if your inventory was located farther away.

To better spread your products, Amazon may route your shipment through a receive center, which receives units and then reships them to other fulfillment centers in our network. Your products are available for sale as soon as we successfully receive them at any of our receive centers or fulfillment centers. Units that are being reshipped to other fulfillment centers are available for customers to buy, but customers may be shown a future ship date if no other units are available for immediate fulfillment.

You can sign up for the Inventory Placement Service and send all of your eligible inventory to a single receive center or fulfillment center (see the Inventory placement exceptions section below). When the shipment arrives, it is split up and sent to different fulfillment centers for you. A per-item service fee applies.

When you use the Inventory Placement Service, the destination receive center or fulfillment center is determined by Amazon. You cannot choose the receive center or fulfillment center to which you send your shipment. The destination chosen by Amazon may vary from shipment to shipment.

Inventory placement settings

To change your inventory placement settings:

  1. Under Settings, select Fulfillment by Amazon.
  2. Under Inbound Settings, click Edit.
  3. Under Inventory Placement Option, select Inventory Placement Service.
  4. Click Update.

Tip: Any in-progress shipments are not affected when you change your inventory placement option. The new setting applies only to shipments created after you update your settings. In order to apply this change to your current shipment, delete the shipping plan and then re-create it after you change your settings. To quickly re-create your shipping plan, in the Shipping Queue, select Deleted/canceled, and then click the shipping plan that you want. On the Send/Replenish Inventory page, at the bottom left, click Duplicate.

Inventory placement exceptions

If you sign up for the Inventory Placement Service, most of your standard-size items will be directed to a single receive center or fulfillment center. However, items in the following categories may be directed to a different receive center or fulfillment center even if you use the Inventory Placement Service:

  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Media
  • Inventory tracked with a manufacturer barcode
  • Oversize items
  • Amazon prep required
  • Amazon labeling required
  • Hazardous materials

Tip: When you add products to a shipment one at a time from your inventory list, the destination fulfillment center is re-evaluated every time. For best results, choose all of the items that you want to include in a shipment at the same time from the Manage Inventory page, and then select Send/replenish inventory from the Actions on menu.

Inventory Placement Service fees

Standard size (per item)
1 lb or less $0.30
1-2 lb $0.40
Over 2 lb $0.40 + $0.10/lb above the first 2 lb
Oversize (per item)
5 lb or less $1.30
Over 5 lb $1.30 + $0.20/lb above the first 5 lb
Note: The weight used to calculate the per-item fee is the dimensional weight or unit weight (whichever is greater) for large standard-size non-media items weighing more than 1 lb and for all small, medium, and large oversize units. The unit weight is the weight of an individual item. The dimensional weight is the volume (based on length x width x height in inches) divided by 139. Amazon may verify the weight and dimensions of a product using representative samples. Amazon’s information about a product’s weight and dimensions will be used to calculate fees if there is a difference between Amazon’s information and a seller’s information. Amazon may change its information about a product’s weight and dimensions from time to time to reflect updated measurements. Fees based on the weight and dimensions of a product are calculated using Amazon’s information about the weight and dimensions of that product at the time the fee is calculated.

Your participation in this service is subject to the FBA Inventory Placement Service Terms and Conditions.

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