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Manage seller-fulfilled returns

To ensure a consistent experience for buyers, sellers must adhere to Amazon's return policies. For more information, go to About our return policies.

Return Authorization

Amazon automatically authorizes U.S. return requests that fall within Amazon’s return policy, including items where sellers filed requests to exempt SKUs from the Prepaid Return Label program. Return requests that are out-of-policy or category-exempt will be sent for manual authorization. For returns of seller-filed SKUs that are exempt from the Prepaid Return Label program, sellers will have the option to upload a merchant-paid label. See the below section, Return Labels for Exempt Items.

When a buyer requests a return, Amazon will send you an email stating the reason for the return. If the buyer's request does not comply with our return policies, we will inform you in the email. For more information, go to out-of-policy return requests.

Note: For return requests that require manual authorization, you must respond to those return requests within 24 hours. You are required to issue a refund within two business days of receipt of a return. If you do not take action regarding the refund, Amazon may refund the buyer on your behalf and charge the amount to your seller account.

Prepaid return labels

Amazon automatically enrolls U.S. sellers in the Prepaid Returns Label program. In this program, Amazon provides buyers with prepaid return shipping labels on your behalf through Buy Shipping Services.

Return labels for exempt items

Seller filed SKU exemptions will be auto-authorized, and continue to be exempt from the Prepaid Returns Label program, and you will have the option to upload a merchant paid label. Go to Return Settings page in Seller Central to select the return label provided for exempt items.

Manage seller-fulfilled returns tool

You can take several actions on return requests in the Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns tool. It includes viewing order level refunds issued to the buyer. Below are the different tabs you can find on the Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns tool:

  • View All - All return requests
  • Pending Actions - All open return requests that require you to take action, such as authorize a return request, issue a refund, or upload a prepaid return-shipping label.
  • Complete: All return requests that have been closed.
  • With A-To-Z Guarantee Claims:All return request with an A-To-Z claims.

See Authorize a return request and Close a return request for additional information.

To download the summary of returns and refunds for a specific timeframe, go to Return Reports in Seller Central, or click the View reports tab in the Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns tool.

Refer to Returns, refunds, cancellations, and claims and Guidelines for handling returns before processing your returns.

Note: Once the refund is issued, it can take 3 to 5 days, depending on payment method, for it to reflect in the buyer’s payment method. If you believe you have been charged incorrectly, go to Appeal an A-to-z Guarantee claim. For more information, go to About A-to-z Guarantee claims.

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