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Manage returns

To ensure a consistent experience for buyers, you must match or exceed Amazon's return policies.

When a buyer requests a return, Amazon will send you an email stating the reason for the return. If the buyer's request does not comply with our return policies, we will inform you in the email. See Out-of-Policy return requests for more information.

Note: We recommend that you respond to return requests within 24 hours.

Return process

For professional sellers, Amazon automatically authorizes returns that fall within Amazon’s return policy. We only send you return requests that are outside of Amazon’s policy or exempt from prepaid returns.

To process the return request, go to your Manage Returns page, where you can review, authorize, or decline requests. You can also access Manage Returns page by clicking the Orders drop-down menu.

See Process return requests, for more information.

When you approve a buyer's return request, Amazon sends the buyer a return label with an address. By default, the return label is not prepaid. However, you can upload a custom prepaid return label if you choose to pay for return shipping. For more information, see Return labels and Pre-paid return label requirements.

Refund options

If you authorize a return request or a buyer has requested a tax only refund and you want to refund the order, you can choose from several options mentioned in this Refund options page. We encourage you to wait until you receive the item back from the buyer, so you can evaluate its return condition or any tax related documents for tax only refunds before issuing a refund.

You can issue a concession in addition to or instead of refunding order amounts for any order. For more information, see Issuing concessions.

If the buyer says the order never arrived, see What if a buyer says they did not receive their order?

Note: All FBA order refunds and tax only refunds for orders shipped to a state where Amazon manages tax collection automatically will be processed by Amazon Customer Service.

Your Return Instructions

You can provide custom return instructions to buyers such as requirements for special packaging. Buyers will see your return instructions when the return is authorized. Any other use of this feature is not permissible. To set up your return instructions, visit the Returns Settings page.

Cancelled returns

If a buyer contacts you directly to cancel a return request, ask them to cancel it through their Amazon account. You'll get an email when buyers cancel pending requests.

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