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FBA removal order fees

Removal fees are charged per item removed. Typically, removal orders are fulfilled in 14 business days. However, removal order processing may take 30 business days or more during the holiday season and peak removal periods.

For more information, go to Remove inventory (overview).

FBA removal and disposal order fees

Size tier Shipping weight Removal/disposal fee per unit
Standard size 0 to 0.5 lb $0.25
0.5+ to 1.0 lb $0.30
1.0+ to 2.0 lb $0.35
More than 2 lb $0.40 + $0.20/lb above first 2 lb
Oversize and special handling items* 0 to 1.0 lb $0.60
1.0+ to 2.0 lb $0.70
2.0+ to 4.0 lb $0.90
4.0+ to 10.0 lb $1.45
More than 10.0 lb $1.90 + $0.20/lb above first 10 lb

*Special handling items may include apparel, shoes, watches, jewelry, and dangerous goods.

Shipping weight in the standard-size tiers under 1 lb is calculated by rounding up to the nearest 0.1 lb. For the remaining size tiers, the shipping weight is calculated by rounding up to the nearest whole pound.

Removal order transactions

When a removal or disposal order is created, the fees effective on that order creation date apply. Removal transactions appear in the Payments report. To view these transactions:

  1. On the Transaction View tab of the Payments report, select Service Fees from the drop-down menu and the desired date range from the Within drop-down menu. Click Update.
  2. Under Product Details, locate transactions labeled FBA Removal Order. The Date column displays the date that your removal order was processed. The Amazon fees column displays the amount you were charged for that line item.

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