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Estimated fee per unit sold

Estimated fee per unit sold is a tool that provides a preview of the core fees for Selling on Amazon and Fulfillment by Amazon when a unit is sold of a specific SKU. You can access this estimate on either the Manage FBA Inventory page or the Manage Inventory page in the column titled Estimated fee per unit sold. The fees shown are based on the list price, estimated shipping cost (where applicable), and available data for the product in our system. The value is only an estimate and actual costs may vary and do not include optional fees.

How to use estimated fee per unit sold

  1. Access the estimate
    Use either the Manage FBA Inventory page or the Manage Inventory page and view the column titled Estimated fee per unit sold.
  2. Search for a product
    You can search by keyword (ASIN or product name) to find products already listed on Amazon.
    Tip: The estimate is based on your current fulfillment method. To view estimates for an alternative fulfillment method, create a new listing or try the Revenue Calculator.
  3. View estimate details
    Click the estimate value to see a detailed breakdown of the fees.
  4. Estimate taxes on fees
    Click the click to load link to view the estimated taxes you will pay on the fees.
    Tip: The tax estimate is for taxes you will owe on the fees paid. The estimate does not include taxes charged to customers and does not reflect VAT.
  5. Estimate additional fees
    If you would like to estimate fees for alternative fulfillment options (for example, FBA) or would like to estimate additional fees (such as monthly storage fees), click the Go to Revenue Calculator button.

Fees included in estimated fee per unit sold

  • Referral fees
  • Closing fees, also referred to as variable closing fees
  • Per-item fee, also referred to as the fixed closing fee
  • FBA fulfillment fee (including the lithium battery fee, if applicable)
  • Remote Fulfillment with FBA: The fulfillment fees for Remote Fulfillment with FBA will show for offers enrolled in the program.
  • Fee discounts

Fees not included in estimated fee per unit sold

  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Long-term storage fee
  • Removal order fee
  • Return processing fee
  • Unplanned service fee
  • FBA inventory storage overage fee
  • Refund administration fee
  • Rental book service fee
  • High-volume listing fee
  • FBA Export
  • Prime Wardrobe
  • Other less common fees not explicitly listed as included

Frequently asked questions

Does estimated fees per unit sold display an estimate for Multi-Channel Fulfillment offers?

Yes. A fee estimate will be calculated for products participating in the Multi-Channel Fulfillment service. However, the fee estimate assumes an in Amazon store sale. If the product is sold on a different channel, then your final fee will be different from the estimate.

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