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Baby category

The Amazon Baby category provides descriptive attributes to encourage you to provide as much information for your products as possible. Providing rich data about the products you sell helps Amazon surface products in search and browse, while also providing buyers with more helpful and detailed product specifications. You can provide additional information for your Baby products related to Furniture, Car Seats, Strollers, Monitors, Playards, Breastfeeding and Feeding. Buyers often make purchasing decisions based in part on how much information about a product is available to them on the detail page.

Section of Baby Flat File Template Highlights of New Attributes

General Product Attributes

Height recommendations, material information, care instructions, country of origin, special features, and power functionality

Basic Baby Attributes

Undesirable materials not included in the product

Baby Travel System (Car seats and strollers)

Car seat, stroller information (specifics on base, car seat harness, number of positions, interior seat, forward-facing and rear-facing information, shoulder harness, and various height, width, length, and weight information). Note: For height, width, length, and weight information: Unit of measurement is required if this type of information is provided. Example: If "handle height" is included, then "handle height unit of measure" is required.

Furniture Attributes

Number of mattress heights, hardware visibility, portability, furniture finish, and rail type

Monitor Systems

Alert features, monitor screen information, sensor technology, controls information, and range specifics

Feeding Attributes

Bottle type, breast pump specifications, dishwasher-safe capability, and other feeding-specific attributes

Price Per Unit

Number of items in the package not labeled with UPC/EAN code, quantity of individually packaged items, and weight, volume, length, and unit count information.

Note: for weight, volume, and unit count information: Unit of measurement is required if this type of information is provided. Example: If "display-weight" is included, then "display-weight-unit-of-measure" is required.

Battery Information

Battery type, average life, and other battery-specific information

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Baby inventory file template 1.9

Baby Style Guide


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