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Scan & Label


On March 31, 2019, Scan & Ship will be replaced with Scan & Label, which allows you to quickly scan your products and print product labels, but does not support shipment creation.

For more information about shipping options, see Shipping products to Amazon.

Scan & Label allows you to scan your products using a barcode scanner, and then print and apply labels one at a time, making it easier to ensure the right label is applied to the right unit. The advantages of using Scan & Label include:

  • Save time – Scan & Label allows you to print labels for all of your SKUs in one place, eliminating the need to click through pages in your Seller Account to print labels for each SKU.
  • Reduce errors – Scan & Label may reduce labeling errors, which helps your shipments get received faster at Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Fewer manual steps – Using a scanner to identify the product you want to print labels for reduces the steps required to print labels.

Equipment requirements

Scan & Label runs inside a web browser (requires internet connection) but communicates directly with your printer to print labels immediately. There are three hardware and material requirements for Scan & Label:

  • Single label printer
  • USB bar code scanner
  • Thermal label stock

Scan & Label is compatible with most USB barcode scanners and most single-label printers that support a label width between 50 mm and 75 mm and a label height between 25 mm and 50 mm.

Note: Scan & Label requires an internet connection at your workstation. Currently, we do not support Internet Explorer or Firefox for Mac.

Accessing Scan & Label

You can access Scan & Label through your Seller Account under Manage FBA Shipments. Click Scan & Label to begin.

The Scan & Label software does not need to be installed on your computer. However, the first time you use Scan & Label, you will need to configure your browser to use the tool. Instructions can be found on the Browser configuration for Scan & Label help page.

Make sure your printer is properly installed with the correct drivers and connected to your computer before running Scan & Label.

How to use Scan & Label

  1. Scan the product barcode on the unit.
  2. Select the product from the display list of valid products.
  3. Print the product label.
  4. Place the label on the unit.
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