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Product Attributes in Lighting

Providing rich data about the items you sell helps Amazon surface your products in search and browse and provides detailed product specifications to the customer.  There are several additional attributes you can provide about your products.  These attributes will be displayed in the product specification feature and allow Amazon to create browse refinements for search.

Product Specification Widget

The product specification widget is displayed on the detail page and allows the customer to see at a glance the most relevant attributes for making a buying decision.  This feature also allows Amazon to provide useful definitions of attributes so customers can make an informed buying decision.

Search Result Refinements Using Attributes

Attribute-based refinements allow customers to narrow their search results to only the product relevant to what they are looking for.  Once the majority of products in a certain browse location have attribute data, Amazon will turn on these refinements.   An example of attribute-based refinements can be found in chandeliers where a customer can refine their search by fixture material, shade type, number of lights, and shade direction. 

These refinements show up in the left column of the search results under the department, shipping option, and brand.  Because of the vast selection on Amazon, providing product attributes can be essential for customers to discover your products. 

Example of Attribute-based refinements in Search Results:

Important Attributes for Lighting Products

The most important attributes available for lighting products are listed in the table below.

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