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Item Package Quantity in Lighting

The Item Package Quantity (IPQ) provides customers with information on the number of identical units within an offer.  Make sure you enter the correct IPQ in your listing data so your product will attach to the correct detail page.

Note:  Most manufacturers create UPCs for products that are sold as a set (for example, 4 plates sold as 1 unit).  However, some sellers break up these sets and sell the products as single units.  To minimize detail page errors and customer confusion, it is important to always include the IPQ for products that could be sold either in a set or as single units.

Your Product

Your Product IPQ


Ritelite LPL792XLB 5-LED Computer and Book Light, Metal 


The customer will receive only 1 light.

Moonrays 93004 Dover Pewter Solar Fixtures, 4-Pack


There are 4 fixtures.  Other merchants may be selling single fixtures.

Kenroy Home Park Avenue 3-Piece Lamp Set with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish


This pack is made up of 3 unique products. There are no duplicates in this pack.

Sylvania 22181 32-Watt T8 Octron Fluorescent Ecologic Lamp 4100K 75 CRI with Instant Start or Rapid Start, Cool White, 12 Pack


You are selling 12 identical tubes; the customer will receive 12 tubes.  If your IPQ is 1, you will match with other sellers offering 1 tube for sale, and you will have the highest price.  This means you will not win the Buy Box.

How to Set Up IPQ for a Product:

Add a Product in Seller Central

Text–file feed


"Brand Y" light bulbs available as either a 4-pack or a single would be entered as:
  • 4-pack: (Title) = "Brand Y Light Bulbs, 4-Pack" >> (UPC) = "000123456789" >> (IPQ) = "4" >> (Price) = $20
  • Single: (Title) = "Brand Y Light Bulbs" >> (UPC) = "000123456788" >> (IPQ) = "1" >> (Price) = $6
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