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What should I do when a buyer contacts me, but I didn't get a Sold, Ship Now email?

We encourage you to check Manage Orders in your seller account regularly to ensure you are aware of all incoming orders. Do not rely on the Sold, Ship Now email notification alone to identify shippable orders. You can also check for shippable orders using the Unshipped Orders report.

You should only ship orders that you can verify in Manage Orders. All orders listed as Unshipped in your seller account can and should be shipped promptly in accordance with Amazon policies.

Note: If you do not confirm shipment of an order within 30 days of the order date, we will automatically cancel the order and will not charge the buyer, even if you already shipped the order.

Here are some causes and possible solutions for why you may not be receiving your Sold, Ship Now email notifications:

Connection blocked

The connection between the Amazon mail server and your mail server timed out, or your Internet service provider (ISP) was temporarily unable to receive messages.

  • Contact your ISP to ensure that there are no problems with your account.
  • Confirm that your ISP is not filtering emails from Amazon.

Email bounced

Your email address is incorrect or your inbox was full.

  • Verify that your contact information is correct in Account Info (on the Settings menu).
  • Be sure to maintain your primary selling account mailbox, so you receive all messages from Amazon. If your inbox is full, then emails cannot be delivered.

Email filtered or discarded

Your email service identified the message as spam or junk.

  • Check your Junk and Trash folders for the missing Sold, Ship Now emails.
  • Check any spam filters or rules you have that may inadvertently filter out these emails.
  • Add to your contacts list.

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