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Selling account reviews for seller-fulfilled orders

Selling account reviews for seller-fulfilled orders

As a means of protecting customers, Amazon monitors seller-fulfilled orders to ensure customers are receiving the items they purchased in a timely fashion. Amazon can place your selling account under review to monitor your selling activity and validate delivery on recent seller-fulfilled orders. During this time, which should not exceed 30 days, we can limit your selling privileges as a preventative measure against further possible impact to Amazon customers. Limits on selling privileges can include temporary suspension of all listings or suspension of seller-fulfilled listings. Although funds will remain in your account, during this review we will also temporarily limit your ability to receive disbursements as per applicable laws and policies. Once we confirm delivery of recent seller-fulfilled orders, your offers will be automatically reactivated and you can proceed with funds disbursements according to your normal disbursement schedule. If you have outstanding unshipped orders during the review period, continue fulfilling these. Evidence of delivery will expedite the review of your account.

Why is my account under review?

Amazon considers multiple factors when deciding whether a selling account should be placed under temporary review. Some examples of these factors are included below. If your account exhibits multiple factors at one time, it could be placed under review.

  1. You do not have a sufficient history of past sales. This can be either because you are new to the Amazon store or you have not sold for a long period. When you are new or have been dormant, it takes time to build up a positive history of buyer-seller transactions.
  2. Multiple customers have indicated they did not receive the items they ordered (for example, by filing for refunds, A-to-z guarantee claims or posting negative feedback). We recommend that you work closely with your customers to resolve any issues and take steps to ensure prompt fulfillment of orders.
  3. There is no tracking information available on your account or the tracking information is invalid. Valid tracking information can provide assurance to your customers that their orders are on the way and help Amazon validate that an order has been delivered. To access Amazon policies on tracking information, go to Valid Tracking Rate (VTR).
  4. There has been an unusual change in your selling patterns. An unusual sales activity may include a recent spike in sales or significant change in the type of inventory you offer.
  5. You are selling higher risk items. Higher risk items may include consumer electronics, computers or trending items.
  6. You may be missing critical business information from your account that can help us validate positive buyer-seller history across other sales channels. Ensure that all your business information is up to date, including business website, address, and contact information, where applicable. Although this information is not mandatory it can verify your identity and expedite the review process.

Maintaining a healthy account can minimize the likelihood that your account will be placed under review in the future. For more information on how to maintain your account health, refer to the Seller University video "Maintain your account health".

The products you offer for sale on Amazon must comply with your Amazon Business Solutions Agreement, including all applicable Amazon policies, and all applicable laws and regulations. Before listing products, make sure that you understand all your responsibilities as a seller. For more information, refer Program Policies.

What happens during an account review?

We will continue to review your account over the next 30 days for evidence which supports delivery of recent seller-fulfilled orders. If you have outstanding orders to be delivered, we recommend that you complete these promptly as this will help us complete your account review. Once we identify proof of delivery to customers, the review period will end and we will automatically reactivate any suspended listings and enable account disbursements.

If we do not find sufficient evidence of delivery during this period, further action will be taken and your Amazon account could be permanently deactivated in accordance with Amazon’s Program Policies. You will receive further email communications following the review period to inform you what action has been taken. If you believe you have additional evidence to support re-activation before this time, you can submit an appeal.

How to expedite an account review

If you believe there has been an error, or you would like the review process expedited, go to the Account Health tab in Seller Central and click Appeal or submit an email to the address provided in the email communication sent to you when your account was placed on review. Ensure that you closely follow the directions in the email sent to you as this will minimize the time it takes to review your submission.

Your explanation should include the following information:

  1. If you haven’t already provided this, update tracking information for recent seller-fulfilled orders and verify that the current uploaded tracking information is correct. Tracking information may be provided in Manage Orders section of your seller account.If you are an Amazon Easy Ship seller, confirm that you use this service for your seller-fulfilled orders as part of your submission.
  2. Evidence of delivery of recently shipped seller-fulfilled orders. This may include buyer confirmation of receipt or proof of delivery documentation. If you have not already done so, you may request feedback from your buyers. When contacting a buyer, keep in mind that it is prohibited to pressure a buyer or offer incentives for feedback. For more information, refer to Customer product reviews policies.
  3. The address (URL or physical store address) of other stores (including other Amazon accounts) where you sell similar products and can demonstrate proof of delivery.
  4. Evidence to support the identification of your business and history of positive buyer-seller transactions. This may include business website, email, or company bank information. Ensure that all applicable business information is up to date in your Seller Central account. Although this is not mandatory, this can expedite the verification of your business and the account review process.
  5. If you are facing logistics issues which are causing delays to the fulfillment of your orders, provide reasons and supporting evidence associated with these for consideration during your review.
Note: If you are an Amazon Easy Ship seller, you do not need to provide us with additional information related to tracking information or logistics issues. However, re-confirm your use of the Amazon Easy Ship service for your seller-fulfilled items as part of any appeal submission.

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