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Image Guidelines for all Televisions, Projectors and Disc Players


  • Up to 13 images can be uploaded per product
  • jpeg or tiff
  • at least 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels
  • to activate zoom: Images should be 1,000 pixels or larger in either height or width. This minimum size requirement enables zoom function on the website. Zoom has proven to enhance sales. The smallest your file can be is 500 pixels on the longest side.
  • images must be named or in order to upload

Best practices for the types of images to use

  1. Right-facing 45-degree angle product shot without packaging
    • If you don't have an angle shot, use a Front-View for this image
    • White background; for white products, add a drop shadow to emphasize the product
    • Product must occupy at least 80% of the image area
  2. Front View
  3. Left-facing 45-degree alt angle shot
  4. Side View
  5. Rear View
  6. Alt Side View, if available
  7. What's in the box
  8. Image that shows scale of product
  9. Up to 5 more images (for a total of 13)
    • Lifestyle images
    • Product specification charts

Notes about Titles for all Products

  • Always spell out weight and dimension terms (for example: 52-inch, not 52"). Using measurement symbols diminishes search results.
  • Use Title case. The first letter of each word in the title should be capitalized, unless the vendor deliberately uses lowercase or uppercase
  • If color is applicable please add it at the end after a comma
  • Do not include terms like Free, Bonus, Price, Exclusive, or A $XX Value
  • Do not include marketing terms that are not actually part of the product's name. It just makes it harder for the customer to figure out what the product is. Feature information is surfaced in the bullet points.
  • For bundles, use the title of each product included in the bundle. Separate product titles with "and" or serial commas if there are more than two products in the bundle. Add the word "Bundle" at the end
    • Example: Product 1, Product 2, and Product 3 Bundle.

Product Descriptions

Be concise. Do not mention other brands by name. Descriptions should include significant information but in the most general form, so do not mention price or promotional offers that may change.

Example: At only 1.9 inches thick, Samsung's striking new 850 series offers all of the features of the 750 Series models in an incredibly thin, sleek package. The Series 8 1080p LCD HDTVs have all of the features you'd expect from a top-of-the-line Samsung - superb image, a blazing-fast 4ms response time, 120Hz refresh rate with Automotion plus image interpolation technology for smooth fast motion, and rich interconnectivity, all wrapped in the stylish TOC color-infused bezel. Enjoy MPEG and JPEG files stored on external devices by connecting through a side-mounted USB 2.0, turning their LCD into a full-scale home viewing gallery, or connect their MP3 players for a dynamic audio experience. Includes remote control and batteries; mini remote control and lithium battery; warranty card/registration card/safety guide manual; program CD; power cord; cleaning cloth; and owner's instructions.

Televisions (including Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, and Projection TVs)

Consistency in how TV features are represented helps to ensure a better customer experience. When representation is consistent,

  • Customers can better compare TVs
  • Customers will be able to find the TV they are looking for because of consistent item names, and
  • The first impression a customer will have on a product's detail page will be one of confidence because of the consistency of information and style.

Amazon has established guidelines for the following areas:

  • Item name
  • Product specification bullets
  • Product description

Item Name

Title format should be as follows:

Brand Name Model Curved Screen Size Resolution Native Refresh Rate 3D Smart Backlight TV (Model Year)

if applicable




4K Ultra HD




if applicable

if applicable





2013 & prior only

Examples of compliant item names include the following:

Brand Model Curved Screen Size Resolution Native Refresh Rate 3D Smart Backlight TV Model Year
Samsung UN48H6350   48-Inch 1080p 120Hz   Smart LED TV  
Samsung UN55F6300   55-Inch 1080p 120Hz   Smart LED TV (2013 Model)
Sony KDL6SS990A Curved 65-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV  
LG 55LA9700   55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV  
Sharp LC-60LE757U   60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV  

These item names would appear on detail pages as follows:

  • Samsung UN48H6350 48-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV
  • Vizio E221-A1 22-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2013 Model)
  • Sony KDL6S900A Curved 65-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV
  • LG 55LA9700 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 240 Hz 3D Smart LED TV
  • Sharp LC-60LE7578 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

Product Specification:

To standardize product specifications across all brands and models, content should be presented as shown in the table below. Each product description should contain 6 bullets.

Bullet 1: Refresh Rate Bullet 2: Backlight Bullet 3: Smart Functionality Bullet 4: Dimensions Bullet 5: Inputs Bullet 6: Accessories Included
Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Native); Clear Motion Rate 720 (Effective) Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit) Smart Functionality: Yes - Smart Central 3.0 with Voice Control Dimensions(W x H x D): TV without stand: 57.1' x 33.4" x 4.4", TV with stand: 57.1' x 35.1" x 12.9" Inputs: 4 HDMI 2.0, 3 USB, 1 MHL Accessories Included: Smart Touch Remote Control, 4 Pairs of Active 3D Glasses, Built-In Camera

The following are examples of complete bullet points.

  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Native); Clear Motion Rate 720 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Full Array), LED (Edge-Lit), LED (Full Array w/ Local Dimming), LED (Edge-Lit w/ Local Dimming), Plasma, OLED
  • Smart Functionality: Yes - Smart Central 3.0 with Voice Control, No - Roku Ready
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 57.1'' x 33.4'' x 4.4'', TV with stand: 57.1'' x 35.1'' x 12.9''
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI 2.0, 3 USB, 1 MHL
  • Accessories Included: Remote, 4 Pairs of 3D Passive/Active Glasses, Built-In Camera

Please let your category merchant manager or account manager know if you have any questions

We appreciate your help in standardizing TV detail pages across to improve the customer shopping experience. E-mail with any additional questions.

Disc Players and Recorders (including DVD Players, Portable DVD Players, and Blu-Ray Players)


Brand + Model Name + Model# + #-Disc (if more than 1) + Format (Blu-ray Disc/DVD/Upconverting DVD/xDE/VHS/Digital Video) + Recorder or Player


Bullet Description
1 Video Output
2 Video upscaling
3 Audio Output
4 UI and/or wireless features, ports
5 What's in the box; Warranty

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