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A good title for your listings can help customers buy your products with confidence. Use the following guidance to create a good title:

  • Be descriptive enough for a customer to make a decision based on the information in the title alone.
  • Titles should be 150 characters or less.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word (unless the vendor or product name is deliberately spelled with a lowercase letter). If you are unsure about the exact product name, check the manufacturer's website for the format to use.
  • If a model number is included, add it at the end in parenthesis. Don't begin with the model number.
  • Size information should only be included in titles when it differentiates the item from similar items.

Title Format

[Vendor Name] + [Product Name] + ([Model Number]--[Color])

You must avoid the following practices when creating a title for your product:

  • Using marketing words like "stylish," "lightweight," "genuine," or "original."
  • Including condition information like "New," "Refurbished," "Remanufactured" (see Condition Guidelines).
  • Using the term "Original Equipment Manager (OEM)" in your title. It might be confusing to customers.
  • Mentioning color in the title, unless it is a special feature of the product, like a limited edition where color is important. (For example, "Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000-Dragon Fruit Pink").
  • Including warranty information in the title. (For example, "with Lifetime Replacement Warranty").

Good examples:

  • Logitech V20 Notebook Speakers
  • Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks

Bad examples:

Title Errors
New Replacement Li-Ion Battery for IBM ThinkPad T40 T41 T41p T42 T43 R50 R50e R50p R51 R52 Series Laptops / Replacement IBM Battery P/N 02K6699 08K8192 08K8193 08K8195 08K8197 08K8214 92P1011 92P1060 92P1071 92P1075 92P1087 92P1089 92P1091 9291101 9291102
  • This one has too many details
Logitech 967740-0403 Internet 350 Vista Qualified Usb Keyboard - Black
  • The part number is too close to the beginning.
  • USB should be in all caps
  • Black is not a special feature and it doesn't need to be included


Include additional descriptions for your product in the following order:

Bullet Description Example
1 Overall synopsis of product Pen tablet with USB connection
2 Major feature 1,024 levels of pressure-sensitivity
3 Minor feature Customizable menu shortcut buttons
4 Materials and construction (if important, if not, another feature is fine) Thick, durable overlay
5 Warranty or accessory information Limited lifetime warranty
Connectez-vous pour utiliser l'outil et obtenir une aide personnalisée (navigateur de bureau requis). Connexion

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