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Product descriptions

In addition to the manufacturer's description, you can add your own description of your products. Give concise, honest, and friendly overview of its uses and where it fits in its category. Discuss the features and benefits of the product and focus on your product's unique properties. Don't mention competitors. Highlight the best applications for the product. If the product has limitations, you can say so and upsell. Check spelling and grammar before submitting. The Product Description is a text-only field with a limited number of characters that varies by product category.


Koss KEB79 Portable Isolation Earbuds combine excellent sound reproduction with maximum isolation to provide an outstanding listening experience. These highly portable earbuds use three sizes of cushions to ensure a comfortable in-ear fit sealing the ear to deliver deep bass. The dynamic stereophone element has a frequency response of 10-20,000Hz. Other features include an in-line mute switch that allows you to stay connected to your environment and a unique dual-entry cord that wraps behind your head during use.

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