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Titles in Consumer Electronics

A good title should be descriptive enough for a customer to make the purchase based on information on the title alone. Follow these guidelines when creating a title for your new products:

Important: Some subcategories have additional requirements for Titles. Review the Subcategory Specifications for more information.
  • In general, include product information in this order: brand name, series name, model name, what the product is ("Headphones," "Rechargeable Batteries," and so on), and measurements, color or case quantity in parentheses and separated by commas. For example: "(Black, 5.3 feet, Set of 6)"

    [Brand] + [Series] + [Model] + [Product] + ([measurements], [color], [case qty])

  • Include model number only when necessary (cable interconnects, blank media, etc. may often need this to distinguish from similar products)
  • Only include size information in Titles when it differentiates the Item from similar Items:
    • Monster HDMI-X Cable (3 meters)
    • Monster HDMI-X Cable (5 meters)
  • If the above cable only came in one length, it would simply read "Monster HDMI-X Cable."
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word (Title Case)
  • Limit titles to 200 characters (can vary by product category)
  • Write all numbers as numerals, for example " 10 pro" or "2-Channel Interconnect"

All Consumer Electronics titles should contain the following elements.

Most Electronics Products

[Brand] + [Series Name] + [Model Name] + [Model Number (if app)] + [Product] + "with" [Unique Thing* (if app)] + ([color], [#-pack (if app)])

Blank Media Products

[Brand] + [Series Name] + [Model Name] + [Model Number (if app)] + [Capacity] + [Write Speed] + [Format (i.e., DVD-RW)] + [# pack]

*A Unique Thing is something that makes the product different from other products from the same brand that have identical information for all other Title content other than Model Name or Number. Example of when to use Unique Thing:

  • Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones (Gun Metal Blue)
  • Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones with Roadie Case (Gun Metal Blue)

We carry two ASINs that are completely identical except one is packaged with a "Roadie Case" and the other is not, therefore we mention the roadie case in the title. If all models of this headphone came with a case, the title wouldn't mention it (we'd mention it in the bullet for included accessories).

Unconventional Titles

When creating a new title, do not include these elements:

  • Stock numbers or UPCs
  • Promotional terms like "Free," "Bonus," "Exclusive," or "A $XX Value"
  • Marketing terms that are not actually part of the product's trademarked name
    • Example: "Stylish Lightweight Fontopia Headphones" should only read "Fontopia Headphones."
    • You can display feature and benefit information in the product description and bullets.

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