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Remove inventory (overview)

Try the tool below to create a removal order. Enter an FNSKU for a unit that you want to remove.

To fix a problem with an existing removal order, enter the removal order ID or batch ID.

You can remove inventory from a fulfillment center by submitting a removal order. Use one or more of the following options to remove your inventory:

A per-item fee applies. See FBA removal order fees.

Removal order process

Removal orders may take 90 days or more to process and leave the fulfillment center. Allow an additional two weeks for the carrier to deliver, after the shipment has left the fulfillment center. If there are problems with delivery, the carrier will attempt to contact you to resolve the problem. This process cannot be expedited. The fulfillment centers process each kind of removal in the order that they are created. We cannot expedite or prioritize any removal over the others. Large scale events like natural disasters and pandemics could also cause the removals process to take longer than expected.

Note: Once our carrier has picked up your removed inventory, it will contact your designated recipient to arrange delivery. If it cannot arrange delivery, an Amazon team member will contact you to help resolve the issue.

Fulfillable inventory is available for buying until we remove it. If you don't want it available for sale, close your listing. For more information, go to "Close a listing" section in List products for Fulfillment by Amazon.

Note: Once a removal order is created, the address provided on the removal order cannot be altered.

Removal order restrictions

We ship returns only to you, your warehouse, your supplier, or your distributor. In addition, the following restrictions apply:

  • Inventory cannot be shipped to PO, APO, FPO, or DPO boxes. To ship to an address outside of the United States, see International return providers.
    Note: This also applies if you have a Unified Account.
  • Inventory cannot be shipped to another fulfillment center.
  • Inventory cannot be used to send customer orders, gifts, or promotional items.
  • Inventory classified as non-transportable dangerous goods can only be disposed of.

Removal order packing and shipping

Removed inventory is packed and shipped to ensure safe transport of the units while minimizing packaging and transportation costs. Packing and shipping methods will depend on quantity, size and weight, and the current location of the inventory you want to remove:

  • Small quantity removals originating from the same fulfillment center will ship in the smallest box, envelope, or polybag possible. This packaging may be identical to Amazon customer order packaging.
  • Large quantity removals originating from the same fulfillment center will be boxed and consolidated on pallets and shipped by freight carrier.
  • Small quantity removals of Ships in Own Container (SIOC) inventory will ship in their own containers without additional packaging.
  • Large quantity removals of SIOC inventory or oversized units that do not fit into a standard box will be shrink wrapped to a pallet.

Removal orders can be shipped using small parcel carriers (ex. USPS, FedEx, UPS, Amazon) or freight carriers (ex. YRC/Roadway, Estes Express).

If a freight carrier ships your removal order, the following restrictions will apply:

  • Pallets can only be delivered to a shipping dock or similar facility.
  • Carriers will only deliver to the address provided on the removal order.
  • Freight deliveries require a signature at the time of delivery.
  • Carriers will charge you directly for any extra services beyond the basic delivery, including delivering the freight inside your facility.

Note: If your inventory is located in different fulfillment centers, your order may arrive in multiple shipments from different carriers.

We return case-packed inventory as individual items.

Canceled removal orders

We may cancel a removal order once it is submitted, if the inventory isn't available for removal. For example, it may be part of a pending customer order.

Note: Canceled units are not removed from your inventory, so no units would be added back. If you feel that the units are missing, reconcile your inventory using fulfillment reports.

If we cancel a removal order, submit another request. The reasons to cancel can be specific to the related product. If we cancel the second request, contact Selling Partner Support.

If you would like to cancel a removal order that you submitted, go to Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.

Step-by-step guide on removing inventory via Seller Central

View the Removal of your FBA inventory document for a step-by-step guide on removing inventory from Amazon fulfillment centers via Seller Central. This document will explain how to do so, along with ways to have FBA inventory removed automatically.

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