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Individual products vs. case-packed products

During the initial shipment creation step, you must specify a Packing type.

  • Select Individual products if your shipment boxes consists of individual items with different SKUs or in different conditions. Individual products can contain different quantities of the same SKU in each case, and can contain more than 150 units in any case.
  • Select Case-packed products if your shipment boxes consist of cases that contain identical items with matching SKUs in the same condition. You will then be able to enter the number of cases and units per case for each SKU in the shipment.

Case-packed products must meet the following criteria:

  • All products in a box must have a matching SKU and condition.
  • All boxes with the same product must contain equal quantities of that product in each box. For example, a case pack of 24 units must always contain 24 units.
  • The case pack limit is 150 units per case.

Note: A case pack is not the same as a multi-pack. Case packs are intended to be split and the contents sold individually. Multi-packs are sold as bundles or sets. A case pack may be sold as a multi-pack, but must be prepped according to the requirements for products sold as a set, as described in Packaging and prep requirements.

How packing type affects shipment placement

Amazon may send your inventory to multiple fulfillment centers—for example, to spread inventory across the fulfillment network so that customers receive goods faster.

Other reasons Amazon might send inventory to multiple fulfillment centers include, but are not limited to, some units on the shipping plan belonging to one of the following categories:

  • Amazon prep required
  • Oversize items
  • Dangerous goods
  • Specialty items such as apparel, jewelry, or shoes
  • FBA Small and Light

In general, Amazon’s placement system will not require you to break a case-pack box into multiple shipments.

You can use the Inventory Placement Service to help direct eligible products to a single fulfillment center. For more information, see FBA Inventory Placement Service.

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