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Hazardous and prohibited items

Important: If you supply products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings.

Examples of permitted hazardous listings

If listing a permitted but hazardous item, sellers must ensure they are shipping the item in compliance with Department of Transportation requirements and applicable laws.

  • Batteries that do not contain mercury
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Portable fuel containers certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Firefighting foam products that contain perfluoroalkyl, or polyfluoroalkyl (also known as PFAS)
    Note: These items are subject to geographic sales restrictions.
  • Products containing nitrous oxide, such as nitrous oxide chargers and whippers
    Note: These are not eligible for sale through Fulfillment by Amazon.

Examples of prohibited listings

  • Products containing Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Items containing carbon tetrachloride, such as:
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Refrigerants
    • Cleaning agents
  • Any chemical substance or compound that is intended for commercial, industrial, or professional use only and is not available for general consumer purchase
  • Explosives, such as:
    • Black powder
    • Caps for toy guns
    • Explosive fuses
    • Exploding rifle targets
    • Fireworks, such as:
      • Firecrackers
      • Firework kits
      • Aerial bombs
      • Bottle rockets
      • Party poppers
      • Roman candles
      • Smoke bombs
      • Snap caps
      • Sparklers
    • Flares, such as projectile and road flares
    • Flash paper
    • Gasoline
  • Sky lanterns or floating lanterns
  • Bacteria cultures or other products containing E coli or Escherichia coli
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Inflatable neck floats for children
  • Face masks intended for use by infants
  • Padded crib bumpers and similar accessories, including vertical crib slat covers and top rail covers
  • Information on how to make explosive devices, such as bombs
  • Kite strings that are intended for kite fighting
  • Military-style gas masks and their filters
  • Nitric acid
  • Sodium azide
  • Ethanolamine
  • Products containing red phosphorous
  • Products containing thermite
  • Products containing tritium that do not comply with the regulations of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Products that do not comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Used oil, such as cooking oil or motor oil
  • Water walking balls
  • Products contaminated by radiation
  • Liquid mercury and products containing mercury, such as:
    • Automotive switches, relays, and diostats
    • Batteries, with the exception of alkaline-manganese button cell batteries containing up to 25 mg of mercury
    • Manometers, sphygmomanometers, and other medical devices containing mercury
    • Mercury-added consumer novelty products such as toys, games, cards, jewelry, apparel, and footwear
    • Thermometers
    • Thermostats
    • Wheel weights
  • Products containing cyanide
  • Individual, novelty magnets and novelty magnet sets that are marketed or commonly used for entertainment, such as puzzle working, sculpture building, mental stimulation, or stress relief are prohibited for sale. The following magnet set brands are specifically prohibited for sale:
    • Buckyballs
    • Buck balls
    • Buckybars
    • Bucky Bigs
    • Buckycubes
    • CyberCube
    • DynoCube
    • Hurry Harris balls
    • Magnicube (also called Mag Cube)
    • Neocubes
    • Neocubix
    • Nanodots
    • Neo spheres
    • Puzzle Spheres (ONLY if they are magnets or magnetic)
    • Zen magnets set
  • Vehicle airbags and airbag covers
  • Toy crossbows that have the capability of shooting small, sharp projectiles (e.g., toothpicks, pins)
  • Elephant sleep pillows
  • Infant inclined sleep products
    • Framed-type inclined sleep products
    • Hammocks
    • Compact inclined sleep products, including but not limited to:
      • Nap Nanny brand infant sleep products
    • Accessory inclined sleep products
    • Infant inclined sleep product replacement parts and accessories
  • Lawn darts
  • Scalar quantum energy products
  • Throwing star fidget spinners
  • Amber infant teething products
  • Infant inclined sleep products
  • Children's upper body drawstring clothing
  • Fidget spinner lighter knives
  • Drop side cribs
  • IMDEN brand magnetic building tiles
  • Eclipse glasses and filters for solar viewing
  • Motor vehicle fabric restraint systems

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Last updated 08/13/2021

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