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Missing product images

The most common reason images go missing from Amazon is that they did not meet the Amazon product image requirements and were removed from the site upon upload or after upload.

Note: Your image will generally show within 10 minutes unless the system detects an issue with your file.

Troubleshooting images in Seller Central

The Add a Product feature allows you to upload a product image as you create a new product. After you create a product, you can use the Manage Inventory feature to provide a new product image.

If you use either of these features to manage your products, do the following:

  1. Click the Inventory link, and then click Manage Inventory.
  2. Search for or locate the product with the missing image.
  3. Click the product name.
    Note: The Product Detail Page appears.
  4. Does your product image appear on this page? If so, skip this step. If not, refer to the section below about contacting Amazon Services for technical support.
  5. Did you submit your image for this product within the last 10 minutes? If it has been more than 10 minutes, skip this step. If it has been less than 10 minutes, we might still be processing your image and preparing it for display on Amazon. It should appear within 10 minutes of submission.
  6. Your image might not be submitted properly or might not meet the Amazon product image requirements. If your image does not meet standards, fix the image, and in the Enter Product Information section, click Submit Image and follow the on-screen directions to submit a new image that meets the standards. If there is no indication as to why your image should be missing, refer to the section below about contacting Amazon Services for technical support.

Troubleshooting images with inventory files

An inventory file allows you to specify a location from which Amazon retrieves a copy of your product images. However, errors in your inventory file can block Amazon from successfully retrieving the product images.

If you use inventory files to manage your products, do the following:

  1. Check your inventory file processing reports for errors. For more information, see Review Processing Reports.
  2. Modify your inventory file to correct any errors contained in the processing report.
  3. Upload your modified inventory file.
  4. Repeat until your inventory file is free of errors.
  5. Allow 24 hours for your images to appear.

Getting additional technical support

If you have followed the troubleshooting steps above and your product images still appear to be missing, contact Amazon Seller Support.

In your message, include the following:

  • The troubleshooting steps you have already taken.
  • The method you use for managing your product and inventory data.
  • The ASIN for each product without a product image.
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