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Educating Customers Through Buyer Guides

You know very well that our customers do much research before they buy a product. In this age of perfect information over the Internet, customer can do easy comparison shopping on price, features, availability, customer service, and reviews from other buyers. To win their trust, we need to anticipate what they need and serve them well.

You also know that by nature, tools products are complex. Creating buyer guides on for your products is the best way to educate customers about your products so that they can make the right purchase decision.

You can create buyer guides using our 'So you'd like to�' guide template on website.

You can include your products in the buyer guides you create. Links to these buyer guides also appear on the product detail pages of all products you include in a particular guide. This means it's a great way for traffic to move from one of your products to other products you sell � which improves sales.

Please create as many buyer guides as you can and send their links on to We are creating a central repository of all buyer guides for the Tools & Hardware products, and we want to include your guides in that repository.

Some of the great examples of buyer guides created by our Tools merchants are listed below

How do you create the buyer guides?

Buyer guides are created using the 'So You'd Like To�' guide template. Follow the below steps on creating a buyer guide:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Your Store link. For example, if your name is Jeff, you will see a link called 'Jeff's Store'.
  3. Click Friends and Favorites in the sub-navigation bar below the links.
  4. On the left side you will see a link Write a 'So You'd Like To�' under the Browse box. Click that link.
  5. Follow the instructions from that page.

It's easy and fun!

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