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Your Information & Policies page

Your Information & Policies page is a place where you can create information about your business to provide to customers.

Note: If you don't see Your Info & Policies on the Settings menu, you don't have access rights for this tool. Contact your account administrator to gain access rights.

Using this tool, you can build help pages for customers that contain basic information about your store, including the following:

About Seller

Introduce your business and build your brand.

Seller Logo

You can upload an image of your business logo, which must be a .jpg, .jpeg or a .gif file, 120 pixels wide by 30 pixels tall, and can’t be animated. The maximum file size of the image must be less or equal to 20,000 bytes. Websites or email addresses should not be on the logo, as this would be considered to be redirecting sales.


Provide your shipping policies and rates.

Privacy Policy

This can be any extension to the existing Amazon website policy. This cannot contradict Amazon's policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide answers about policies or products that are not answered on your other Help pages.

Custom Help Pages

Here you can offer additional information for customers, such as sizing charts and other product-specific and category-specific details.


Supply the details of your tax policies on purchased items.

Your Information & Policies page

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