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Returns, refunds, cancellations, and claims


To process a return request, go to Manage Returns page, where you can review, authorize, or decline requests. You can also access the Manage Returns page by clicking the Orders drop-down menu in Seller Central.

For incoming return requests, we recommend that you respond to return requests within 24 hours. For additional information regarding how to manage your returns, go to Manage seller-fulfilled returns.

Note: Before issuing a return, ensure that the order is not a Seller-Fulfilled Prime order. To check whether it is a Seller-Fulfilled Prime order, go to Seller Central to see if there is a Prime badge associated with the order. For details, go to Product Shipping and Return Policies for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Return shipping address

For seller-fulfilled return requests sent through Amazon’s Prepaid Returns Label program, that are undeliverable due to an outdated or incorrect return address provided by you, then the return will be deemed abandoned and Amazon may elect to dispose of these units as appropriate (such as, by selling, recycling, or donating), retaining any proceeds we may receive from the disposal.

Amazon may notify you in such cases, to allow you to correct your return address. The continued use of an outdated or incorrect address for returns may result in a revocation of your right to sell on Amazon. For details on setting up your return shipping address, go to Return Address Settings.

When you receive a return shipment at your facility, the shipment will include a packing slip and Return Mailing Authorization (RMA) number to help you identify the return.

Important: To ensure a consistent experience for buyers, you must match or exceed Amazon's return policies. When we calculate the returned product delivery time, we take into consideration that carriers might scan the package up to 24 hours before actual delivery to your facility. If a buyer received reimbursement after filing an A-to-z Guarantee claim and you believe the reimbursement should not have been made, go to Appeal an A-to-z Guarantee claim to appeal the decision.

If you have an order that is returned damaged and you believe the damage was related to the carrier, use the Optional coverage for loss or damage process to file a claim.

Note: If the buyer belongs to a business group, a return may be requested by a different account than the one that originally placed the order. When a business has multiple user accounts within a group, the group administrator may initiate returns on orders placed by any members of their group.


You must issue a refund either after a product is returned, or, need to have arranged to refund a purchase if you are allowing the buyer to keep the product (returnless refund).

Important: Once you receive a return, we expect you to process a refund to the buyer within two business days. If you do not process a refund within two business days, Amazon reserves the right to refund the buyer and charge the amount to your seller account.

To avoid a negative customer experience, actively monitor the refund to ensure that it is issued to the buyer in a timely manner.

You can issue refunds in full or in part via the Manage orders tool. Refer to Issue a refund and Refund options for more information.


If a buyer asks you to cancel an order and you have not yet shipped and confirmed the shipment, you can cancel it in Manage orders or use an Order Cancellation feed.

Refer to Order cancellations and Cancel Multiple Orders with the Order Cancellation Template for additional information.

If you have already confirmed an order as shipped, you can authorize the return request in Manage Returns.


The Amazon A-to-z Guarantee protects buyers when they buy items sold and fulfilled by you directly. Our guarantee covers the timely delivery, condition, and return experience of items you sell. If buyers are unsatisfied with any of the above, and cannot reach a resolution with you, we enable them to file a claim with us. You can refer to the claim eligibility polices on the A-to-z Guarantee page.

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