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Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders

For professional and all prepaid return label sellers, Amazon automatically authorizes U.S. returns that fall within Amazon’s returns policy. We provide customers with prepaid return shipping labels on your behalf through Buy Shipping Services. We only send you return requests that are outside of Amazon’s policy or exempt from this requirement for manual review.

Note: You are required to issue a refund within two business days of receipt of a return. If you do not take action regarding the refund, Amazon might refund the customer on your behalf and charge the amount to your seller account.

Review the relevant sections to familiarize yourself with the specific details of prepaid returns.

Table 1. Prepaid return details
Item Policy or requirements
Maintain account requirements To provide prepaid return shipping, you must ensure that your account is properly enabled.
  1. Set up a default return address for your account. The Selling on Amazon policy requires a US domestic address for the prepaid returns label program. We will use this domestic address for all prepaid returns. From Settings > Account Info, access the Seller Account Information page. Go to the Shipping and Returns Information section, click Return Address, and then fill it out with the appropriate address.
  2. Maintain and update accurate weight and size information entered for products you sell. We calculate return shipping costs based on this information. Amazon will charge your seller account for the cost of the return shipping once the buyer ships the product. The costs for return shipments in each weight band are outlined on the Shipping costs for seller fulfilled returns page.
The return process You receive an email notification each time a customer requests a return and receives a prepaid return shipping label. Furthermore, the Manage Returns workflow in Seller Central will display all returns. For details, see Manage seller-fulfilled returns.
Multiple return addresses You can configure multiple return addresses for each of the marketplaces you offer listings. You can either configure a rule or specify SKUs for which you want different return addresses. For details, see Multiple return addresses.
Returnless refunds You can offer returnless refunds. If a buyer requests a return that is eligible for a returnless refund, they will receive a full refund as soon as they submit their return request. Even though you will not need to do anything to complete the request, you can still find these return requests in Manage Returns. You will no longer have to process refunds for these returns manually. For details, see Returnless refunds.
Return shipping Either UPS or USPS provides return shipping for seller fulfilled orders through Buy Shipping Services. For details, see Return shipping and Shipping costs for seller fulfilled returns.
Important: We will charge your account for the return label cost only when the buyer returns the package to the carrier.
Refunds and cost of shipping For handling refunds and cost of shipping, see Refunding shipping cost.
Reports for prepaid returns All prepaid returns are recorded in your Settlement and Payments report and the Returns report.
  • Settlement and Payments report: Each return shipping charge will be displayed in your Settlement and Payments reports, as Shipping services purchased through Amazon. These costs will be separated from the order charges.
  • Return report: You will receive an email notification each time a customer requests a return and receives a prepaid shipping label. Additionally, you can download a report of all return requests you have received, including the status of each return, using Return Reports in Seller Central. Both the email and the report will include the Order ID, Tracking ID, Reason Code, Shipping Cost, Date Requested, RMA, and Comments.
Ineligible items Prepaid return shipping labels are not always provided for auto-authorized returns. For details, see Ineligible items for prepaid returns.
Customer returns exemptions Several categories and subcategories are automatically exempt from prepaid returns. You do not need to request exemptions for these categories.

The following programs and categories are automatically exempt from prepaid returns:

  • Handmade
  • Amazon Custom
  • Sexual wellness
  • Certified Preowned Watches
  • Business, Industrial & Scientific Supplies > Professional Medical Supplies
  • Business, Industrial & Scientific Supplies > Professional Dental Supplies

You can request exemptions for SKUs that fall under the following categories:

  • Items that have special shipping or handling requirements (for example, dangerous goods)
  • Items that are non-returnable by law
  • High-valued items (higher than $100) that need special shipping (for example, items that require special shipping insurance)
  • Non-physical items (for example, warranties, digital software, or digital coupons)

Effective October 30, 2019, exemptions due to having a different address or due to having better return shipping rates from a different carrier are not supported.

For details, see Request exemption from automatic return approvals.

Appeal a refund

You can file an appeal if Amazon authorized a return or refund on your behalf that you don’t believe should have been authorized.

For customer-returned damaged item: Please provide appropriate photo evidence linking the return to the purchased product when creating your claim. Also attach all the necessary support documentation. For example, supportive images of the damaged items, image of the shipping label, Tracking ID, delivery proof or any additional information you see necessary to review your claim.

Note: Per Restocking Fee Policy, for customer-damaged products, the reimbursement will be limited to a maximum of 50% of the order value of the product.

For details, see Reimbursement policy for Prepaid Return Labels (PRL) in the Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN).

Frequently asked questions

How can I enroll in the Prepaid Return Label program?

Sellers can self-serve enroll in the Prepaid Returns Label program through the Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns tool. Sellers who are not part of the Prepaid Return Label program will see messaging that states, “Get access to faster returns by taking advantage of the Prepaid Returns Label program. Learn more.” To register, click Enroll.

What happens if the return is lost or damaged in transit?

The seller will be responsible for filing a claim directly with the carrier if a return is lost or damaged in transit. If this happens, process a full refund to the customer and file a claim directly with the carrier to receive a reimbursement.

Where does the shipping weight used to calculate the price of return shipping come from?

The shipping weight used to calculate the price of return shipping is the listed weight displayed on the Product Detail page. However, if you have purchased a label through Amazon’s Buy Shipping Services for fulfilling your orders, we will use that weight instead. If there is no weight on the Product Detail page and you have not used Buy Shipping Services, we will default to 4.9 lb.

If the shipping weight displayed on the Product Detail page has been provided by another seller, Seller Support will require proof of the correct shipping weight in order to initiate a change.

Why can't I change or upload my own prepaid return label?

Through the enrollment of your account into prepaid returns, Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), or Prime Now, eligible returns are automatically authorized and an Amazon prepaid return label is issued to the buyer. As a result, you do not have the option to issue your own prepaid label or an Amazon unpaid label.

What should I do if the customer can't print the return label?

You can consider the following options:

  • The customer can contact Amazon Customer Service to have a physical label mailed to them for a small fee
  • The buyer can return the product on their own. Refer to Return Reason codes for Prepaid Returns for seller-fulfilled orders to understand the return reason. If you are accountable for the return, you must add the cost of return shipping to the refund.
  • The customer can go to an internet café, public library, or local print shop to print the return label.

What if I am an individual MFN seller and want to unenroll in the Prepaid Return Label program?

If you are an individual MFN Seller who would like to unenroll from the Prepaid Returns Label program, please contact Seller Support.

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