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Lighting Style Guide

Whether you're selling lamps, chandeliers, sconces, light bulbs, ceiling fans, or all of the above, accurate data is crucial to discoverability and sales.  How you present your products will greatly influence the customer's purchasing decision when shopping on

Providing a clear and concise listing while following a consistent format will better inform customers and enhance the discoverability of your products.  This can result in increased traffic to your product listings.

Please review the following information in detail and make the appropriate adjustments to your product listings. This section covers the following guidelines for setting up product detail pages:

Title Style
Get customer attention with great titles.  Clear and concise titles will improve your search results and catch the customer's attention.
Key Product Features
Highlight the key features and benefits of your products. 
Product Descriptions
Elaborate on the features and uses of your product.
Show customers what they're buying.  Professional images on white backgrounds will bring life and added attractiveness to your products.
Browse & Search
Improve discoverability, traffic and sales through search terms and Browse Node IDs.
Item Package Quantity
Indicate how many items are in the package.  Please use if there is more than one identical unit in the package of the product you are selling.
Variation Relationships
Make choices easy:  display multiple color and size options on a single detail page.
Product Attributes
Provide attributes about your products to help Amazon surface your products and display detailed product specifications to the customer.

Download all of this information in a PDF: Lighting Style Guide

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