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Account Health Rating program policy

Account Health Rating

To help you better manage your account health, we’ve created the Account Health Rating (AHR). The AHR indicates your selling account’s risk of deactivation due to non-compliance with certain Amazon selling policies. It is displayed on the seller’s Account Health page for each store in which they sell worldwide.

To learn more about the policies included in AHR, go to Policies included in Account Health Rating. To see a list of all of Amazon’s program policies, go to Program policies.

The AHR is a color-coded score that ranges from 0 to 1,000 and provides near real-time status of your account’s health, letting you know if your selling account in a particular store is at risk of deactivation. Upon detection of any new policy violations associated with your selling account, you lose points. You gain points when you successfully address those violations.

To ensure your account health is evaluated in the context of the size of your business, points are also granted when a minimum number of orders are filled. All new sellers start with a score of 200, and over time, sellers will see a score that accurately reflects their account health based on policy adherence and selling activities over the last 180 days.

If your AHR is green (“Healthy,” based on a score of 200-1,000), that means your account is not at risk of deactivation based on the policies comprising the score. If your AHR is yellow (“At Risk,” based on a score of 100-199), your account is at risk of deactivation. When your AHR is red (“Unhealthy,” based on a score of 99 or lower), your account is either eligible for deactivation or already deactivated.

To obtain and maintain a “Healthy” account, we encourage you to avoid policy violations, and if they happen, to address all violations listed on your Account Health page in a timely manner, prioritizing those with the greatest severity.

Regardless of your AHR score, Amazon may deactivate your account immediately if we suspect fraudulent, deceptive, illegal, or otherwise harmful activity, in order to protect customers, our selling partners, and Amazon’s store.

AHR impact by severity

To calculate your AHR, we assign a certain number of points to each policy violation based on the severity of the violation. There are four severity levels: critical, high, medium, and low. When determining the severity, we consider factors including the degree to which the violation negatively impacts the customer experience and whether the policy violation contravenes applicable laws and regulations.

Repeat policy violations

Multiple violations of the same policy impact your account health in two ways. First, the point values associated with violations included in your AHR increase each time that policy is violated. That means that repeat violations will cause your AHR to degrade faster, with higher severity repeat violations having the most impact.

Second, your account may be at immediate risk of deactivation if you reach the maximum number of repeat violations for infringement-related policies or restricted products policies in a 180-day period, regardless of your AHR. In most cases, the maximum number of repeat violations is five for infringement-related policies and two for restricted products policies.

In the future, we will add features to the Account Health page to help you better track the graduating impact of repeat violations. We may also implement additional maximum numbers of violations for other policy areas.

More resources

We want to help you maintain a healthy account, and we provide a number of resources to help you understand our policies. In the event that your account health starts to degrade and becomes eligible for deactivation, we may call you to offer personalized support.

We encourage you to ensure your Emergency Contact phone number is up to date. You can check if the number listed under Emergency Notifications is accurate by visiting the Notifications preferences page.

In addition to ensuring that you are reachable for personalized support, go to Account Health Rating: Frequently Asked Questions, where you’ll find detailed information and examples, advice on how to improve your AHR, and tips for monitoring your account health. We also offer videos via Seller University to help you better understand our policies.

As new policies launch, we update our Help pages, and try to provide sellers with information about policy- or account health-related changes via Account Health News whenever possible.

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