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SKU economics

The SKU economics card shows the economics of your SKU over time. For each fee type, you can see your charges and any additional information.

Note: Not all fees are included in the fees card at this time. However, these represent the most common fees for the average seller. Please leave feedback to let us know what additional fees and features you would like to see.

Key definitions:

Field name Definition
Total Amazon charges The sum of fees charged for each fee type during the selected time range.
FBA fulfillment fee The FBA fulfillment fee is charged per unit fulfilled. The rate is determined by the product category, size tier, and shipping weight of the item.
Monthly inventory storage fee

The monthly inventory storage fee is based on the daily average volume of space your inventory occupies in our fulfillment centers1. The rate is determined by the product category, size tier, and the time of year stored. The fee is charged monthly.

Referral fee The referral fee is charged per unit sold. It is determined by the product category of the item. The fee is calculated on the total sales price, which is the total amount that the buyer pays, including the item price and any delivery or gift-wrapping charges.
Long-term storage fee Inventory that has been in a fulfillment center for an extended period of time is charged a monthly long-term storage fee as a surcharge on top of monthly inventory storage fees. Long-term storage fees are assessed using an inventory snapshot on the 15th of each month. For more information, go to Long-term storage fees.
Sponsored Products charges Sponsored Products is a cost-per-click advertising solution that promotes your products using ads that can appear in highly visible locations across Amazon.
Inbound transportation charges When sending inventory to fulfillment centers using an Amazon partnered carrier, the cost is billed to your account as an inbound transportation charge. Billable weight is used to estimate the shipping cost. The billable weight will be either the dimensional weight or the shipment weight, whichever is greater. Dimensional weight is estimated based on the current dimensions of the product.
Per-item selling fees Subscribers to the Individual selling plan pay a fee for each item sold on Amazon, in addition to any other applicable fees.
Closing fees Closing fees are charged for each unit sold in the following categories: Books, DVD, Music, Software & Computer/Video Games, Video Game Consoles, and Video Game Accessories.
Removal fee Removal fees are charged per item removed from a fulfillment center.
Disposal fee Disposal fees are charged per item that you request we dispose of from a fulfillment center.
Refund administration fee If you refund a customer order for which you have already received payment, Amazon will refund you the amount of the referral fee you paid for the items, minus the applicable refund administration fee.
FBA Prep fee If you use the FBA Prep Service, Amazon will prepare your eligible products for a per-unit fee. The fee is charged on products for which Amazon performed the labeling, polybagging, bubble wrapping, opaque polybagging, or taping services.

1 If multiple MSKUs are associated with the same FNSKU, the storage fee value presented will be the same for all MSKUs.

Note: Some jurisdictions may require Amazon to charge tax on the fees above. We will use the information you supply in your seller account to determine whether a particular fee is taxable and the appropriate VAT, GST, sales tax, or other tax rate to charge. Tax rules and regulations are jurisdiction-specific. Search for VAT, GST, sales tax, or your country name in Seller Central Help to find more information. Fees that are tax-inclusive will be shown with the calculated taxes included on the Amazon fees card. For information on which fees are tax-inclusive, please consult your regional Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.
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