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Amazon Coupon Terms and Conditions

Coupons Program Terms

Coupons Program terms supplement your seller agreement.


Acceptance is required to participate in the Coupons Program. By submitting a coupon, you accept the Coupons Program terms.

The Coupons Program

The Coupons Program helps eligible sellers create and manage digital coupon offers for Amazon customers.

Program Requirements

To participate in the Coupons Program, you must: (i) have a Professional seller account, and (ii) maintain your account in good standing.


You are responsible for fully funding all of the coupon discounts you offer, including any associated costs you incur based on your use of coupons. Coupon discounts will be created and administered according to the terms you provide to us by the means we specify.

In addition to the fees described on the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule for your account or elsewhere, you agree to pay a redemption fee for each coupon discount redeemed by a customer ("Redemption Fee"). A coupon is considered "redeemed" when a customer purchases a product associated with an active coupon and that customer has attached the applicable coupon to his or her account. The Redemption Fee is due and payable upon shipment of the unit and will be displayed in the budget section. Any coupon budget you provide to us is for planning purposes only, and we’ll calculate your fees and obligations to customers based on your actual promotional activity. You are responsible for the total fees calculated. If your actual promotional activities exceed your coupon budget, no refunds will be issued.

Additional Terms

We may modify or cancel any coupon you create and suspend or terminate any feature of the Coupons Program at any time at our discretion.

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