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Ship-to-Store Terms

These terms supplement your seller agreement and apply to the offer and sale of Your Ship-to-Store Services through the Selling on Amazon service.

"Your Ship-to-Store Services" means the in-store services that you offer through the Selling on Amazon service, including assembly or installation of Shipped Products. Your Ship-to-Store Services do not include services performed at the customer's property.

"Shipped Products" means the products that you receive on behalf of Amazon customers for the fulfillment of Your Ship-to-Store Services.

Join Ship-to-Store. To offer Your Ship-to-Store Services, apply here. If you are an approved seller and receive an invite to register for Ship-to-Store, simply open your registration email, click Register Now, and follow the steps to log in.

Your Responsibilities. In addition to the obligations described in your seller agreement, you will and will cause any affiliate or third party administering, warranting, or otherwise involved in the offer, sale, or performance of Your Ship-to-Store Services, including your employees, representatives, agents, contractors, and subcontractors (collectively "Your Personnel") to:

  • Perform Your Ship-to-Store Services in accordance with the information set forth on the applicable service description page on Amazon and in accordance with any applicable manufacturer requirements.
  • Perform Your Ship-to-Store Services in a competent and workmanlike manner in accordance with the level of professional care customarily observed by highly skilled professionals rendering similar services.
  • Comply with any service level requirements and other policies that Amazon may designate and, upon request, provide Amazon with reports (in a form designated by Amazon) relating to your compliance with these requirements.
  • Use Confidential Information made available to you. This information includes customer addresses and telephone numbers, solely for communicating with purchasers of Your Ship-to-Store Services to schedule, perform, or otherwise cancel Your Ship-to-Store Services in accordance with Amazon policies, and ensure that any third-party software you use in rendering Your Ship-to-Store Services similarly protects Confidential Information.
  • Not in any way represent to customers that you or Your Personnel are agents, contractors or employees of Amazon or that you or Your Personnel are acting on behalf of Amazon.
  • Comply with all other requirements designated by Amazon.

Additional Services and Products. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in your seller agreement, at the time of a customer's Ship-to-Store appointment (and only at that time), you may suggest, offer, or sell supplemental in-store services or products related to the Shipped Product (collectively, "Add-On Items") to a customer who has ordered or arranged Your Ship-to-Store Services; however, provided that you will not: (a) require the Add-On Items as a condition of fulfillment for Your Ship-to-Store Services; or (b) at any time suggest or imply to a customer that Add-On Items are provided, required, endorsed, or guaranteed by Amazon.

Fees. Unless we inform you otherwise in writing, the Selling Services Payments by Service Type page will list the fees that apply to the offer or sale of Your Ship-to-Store Services.

Applicable Guarantee. Claims related to your fulfillment of Your Ship-to-Store Services will be subject to the Happiness Guarantee. Product-specific concerns will be subject to the A-to-z Guarantee.

Risk of Loss. Your Ship-to-Store Services will require you to accept and receive Shipped Products on behalf of customers, and to be responsible for those Shipped Products while they are in your possession. As between Amazon, customers, and you, you accept the risk of loss for Shipped Products from the time of your receipt until the time of pickup by the customer.

Audit. While providing Your Ship-to-Store Services, you will keep true and accurate books and records relating to these terms and your performance hereunder in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards (collectively, "Records"). At Amazon's request, you will: (a) provide Amazon or its designated representatives with access to, and permit Amazon to examine, the Records, which may be accomplished, at Amazon's option, through electronic means, the delivery of copies of the requested Records to Amazon's designated address, or onsite at your facilities; and (b) permit Amazon or its designated representatives to inspect and audit (during normal business hours) your (and your subcontractors') facilities, processes, systems, and workplace conditions for compliance with these terms. Amazon may make and retain copies of all Records examined regardless of which method of access to Records Amazon selects and may document (including through photography and videography) the results of any inspection or audit. If any examination or audit reveals that you or any of your Personnel have failed to comply with any material obligation under these terms, you will cure the noncompliance within the time period instructed by Amazon.

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