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FBA Dangerous Goods Program Terms and Conditions

FBA Dangerous Goods Program (the "Program") allows sellers enrolled in the Program to offer dangerous goods through FBA. These terms and conditions supplement the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement and govern participation in the Program.

  • Amazon will notify you if an opportunity to participate in the program becomes available.
  • Products that are identified as unfulfillable dangerous goods upon receipt at the fulfillment center may be disposed of at your expense without reimbursement to you.
  • You will reimburse Amazon for any expenses incurred in connection with the disposal of such unfulfillable dangerous goods units.
  • We will not receive or process customer returns of any Program Units.

More information

  1. Seller eligibility criteria: If you have inventory in an Amazon fulfillment center that becomes reclassified as a dangerous good, and you are not already enrolled in the Program, you will automatically be added to the application waitlist. Sellers on the waitlist will be notified when an opportunity to participate in the program becomes available. Your participation is subject to Amazon's approval. Amazon may change seller eligibility criteria for the Program at any time.
  2. Product eligibility criteria: Amazon will only receive, store, and fulfill dangerous goods that are approved for sale through the Program ("Program Units"). Only materials belonging to classes and divisions 2.1, 2.2, 3, 4.1, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 8, and 9 are Program eligible, under certain conditions. To know more about the dangerous goods classes and divisions allowed for your marketplace, read the Dangerous Goods Identification Guide.
  3. Shipping and packaging requirements:
    1. You must not ship Program Units using an Amazon Partnered Carrier.
    2. You must not ship Program Units with other types of Units.
    3. You must only ship Program Units to the Amazon fulfillment center designated by Amazon.
    4. You must package Program Units in a safe and commercially reasonable manner, complying with all applicable packaging, labeling, and weight and size requirements (including US Department of Transportation regulations).
  4. Unfulfillable dangerous goods: The Dangerous goods Units you send to us will be considered unfulfillable dangerous goods if:
    1. They belong to the classes or divisions that are prohibited for FBA mentioned in the dangerous goods identification guide.
    2. Their volume or weight per Program Unit is above the limited quantity (aka ORM-D) threshold defined by the regulations, such as 49 CFR.
    3. They contain, are sold with or are lithium-ion batteries with an energy content above 300 Watt-hours.
  5. Inventory storage limit: To better manage fulfillment center storage space, we apply inventory storage limits on your Program Units. We may modify this limit from time to time. You can view your current storage limit and usage for the Program at the bottom of your Shipping Queue on the Manage FBA Inventory page in Seller Central. You must not exceed your storage limit for the Program.
Note: For more information, refer to the FBA Dangerous Goods (Hazmat) program page.

Last updated: September 5, 2019.

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