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Partnered carrier shipping from India to the US frequently asked questions

Billing and payments

How am I charged for the logistics services?

You will be billed in US dollars. The fees are posted to your Seller Central account, similar to FBA and other Amazon seller service fees. To view the charges, go to Reports on the main navigation menu, and select Payments, then click the Transaction View tab.

What are the fees posted to my Seller Central account when I buy logistics services?

Freight charges are posted to your Seller Central account within 24 hours of booking. If your shipment attracts customs duty at the destination, the fees will be charged to your account after the delivery, based on the actual duty charged to the carrier by US Customs.

When am I charged for the Partnered Carrier program for global shipments?

After accepting the charges, you have 24 hours to cancel the pickup/drop-off slot for the shipment by clicking Void charges. If you cancel within the 24-hour cancellation window, you won’t be charged. After 24 hours, you will not be able to cancel the pickup/drop-off slot and you will be charged for the estimated amount from your Seller Central account. If you want to cancel the shipment after 24 hours, reach out to

Will I receive a hard copy of my shipping bill (post-shipping documents)?

No. You will need to download the shipping bill from the ICEGATE portal. You need to register your e-mail ID in ICEGATE by following the process in advisory document by ICEGATE. You can use this ICEGATE account to download the shipping bills.

Will I receive an invoice for shipping fees from the carrier?

The carrier does not provide any invoices for shipping fees. View shipping fees in your statement and in the Transaction View of your Payments report. Shipping fees appear as FBA international shipping charge, and any customs duty charges appear as FBA international shipping customs charge.

What is the weight considered for logistics charges?

Estimated charge will be calculated on the basis of billable weight. The billable weight will be the greater of the package’s actual or dimensional weight.


What documentation is required at time of shipment pickup?

For guidance on shipping documentation, go to Suggested document formats and document samples in Partnered carrier shipping from India to US fulfillment centers.

How do I change my pickup details, including the address, day, or time?

If you are within the 24-hour cancellation period, find the FBA Shipment in your workflow and click the Prepare Shipment tab. Click Void Charges in the Shipping Charges section, then select a new pickup date or time.

If the 24-hour cancellation period has passed, depending on the shipment booking date, choose one of the following options:

  • If the shipment booking date is less than seven days ago, email the carrier and request a change in your pickup details.
  • If the shipment booking date is more than seven days ago, create a new shipment with the updated information. You must cancel or delete the previous shipment before requesting a refund for unused shipping services. If the carrier contacts you or arrives at your location for the canceled shipment, inform them that the shipment has been canceled.

My pickup address is not registered on my importer-exporter code (IEC) certificate. What can I do?

Update your IEC certificate to add new registered addresses.

However, in one-off instances, if you need to get a shipment picked up from an address not registered on your IEC, coordinate with your carrier via email. Note that the pickup address mentioned in the documentation and Seller Central must match the IEC certificate.

What do I do if the pickup doesn’t happen as scheduled

In case of pickup attempt failure, it will be reattempted next day however it is recommended the seller reaches our toll free on the no. 1800 102 7171.

Whom do I contact in case of any issues?

You can drop an email to

My shipment was returned before it departed from India, however I was already charged for shipping fees. How do I request a refund?

Cancel or delete the shipment for unused shipping services. Post that, raise a case with seller support to get the refund.

Documentation and customs clearance

Who will do the customs clearance on my behalf?

The carrier will handle the customs clearance at both origin and destination on your behalf, based on the information provided by you in the shipping documents. If a customs duty is charged on the shipment by US Customs, the carrier will pay the customs duty. The fees will be deducted from your Seller Central disbursement account.

If the carrier receives any questions on the shipment from India or US Customs, they will reach out to you for additional information.

Can I send CSB 4 shipments with the Partnered Carrier program for global shipments?

No, you cannot send CSB 4 shipments with the Partnered Carrier program. You are requested to not quote CSB 4 during pickup, as pickup would then be voided on that day, and you would need to raise an issue with the carrier to re-schedule pick up the next day.

What if my shipment is rejected by either India or US Customs?

If your shipment is rejected or held, the carrier will contact you for clarifications or to get more documents, if necessary. If your shipment is still rejected after you provide more information, the return process will vary based on the country:

  • If India Customs rejects the shipment at origin, it will be returned to you at no additional cost.
  • If US Customs rejects the shipment at destination, applicable storage and return shipping fees will apply.

Is a letter of undertaking or customs bond mandatory for every shipment?

A letter of undertaking (LUT) or customs bond is required only if you select Non-GST during shipment creation. Non-GST means you don’t intend to pay the integrated goods and services tax on the export invoice. If you don’t want to submit the LUT or customs bond, you must include GST details for each line item based on the commodity of the item in the invoice. Even in the case of an LUT or customs bond, you must include IGST paid as 0 for each line item.

Will I receive export benefits on the shipments booked through Seller Central Integrated Shipping? Is the commercial invoice required to be in INR or USD?

You can receive export benefits offered by the government of India, provided your product is eligible for them. You can get the benefits regardless of the invoice currency. For more information, contact your tax consultant or consult a third-party service provider on the Service Provider Network.

I want to know more on customs invoice, declared values, customs duties, product specific documentation, and tax and compliance guidance. Whom do I contact?

For guidance on product specific documentation and taxation and compliance guidance, contact your tax and compliance consultant, or reach out to a third-party service provider on the Service Provider Network. You can also browse Amazon Export Compliance Website to get information on documentations.

I don’t have a US entity. Who would be the importer on record (IOR) for my shipment?

IOR- For shipments with value less than $50,000, the carrier will act as the IOR, if the following conditions are met:

  1. The commodities are not regulated by a US Government agency (FDA, EPA, FWS, DOT, etc.)
  2. The commodities are not subject to anti-dumping/countervailing duties

    For shipments with value less than $500,000, but are not meeting the aforementioned criteria (A&B), the carrier will not become the IOR. You will need to have your own US-resident IOR or arrange for a third-party US-resident IOR. You can utilize IOR services from third-party service providers on the Service Provider Network (for example, Stelcore, Parshotam & Associates). You need to mention the IOR details under “Importer” in the invoice.

    For shipment with value more than $500,000, and not meeting the aforementioned criteria, you can opt to register as a Non-resident IOR. In such cases, you will need to get a POA from the carrier to send shipments through this solution. For this, send a mail to to get the POA form, and send it to them post filling, signing and stamping the same.

Shipment booking on Seller Central

What should I enter in the commodity description field while booking the shipment?

The commodity description helps customs authorities identify the contents of your shipment. The customs clearance process begins with the inspection of these descriptions. Providing clear and accurate descriptions and ensuring that the descriptions on Seller Central match your commercial invoice is important for customs clearance.

General descriptions such as “electronics” or “automotive parts” are not detailed enough and will be rejected by customs. We recommend to provide the following information:

  1. Product description
  2. Intended end use of the product
  3. Ingredients with composition percentages
  4. Any certifications with license numbers and declarations (example: contains battery within hazardous limits, laser within radiation limits, device is clinical/non clinical, FDA compliant etc.)

Insurance and refunds

Are the shipments booked through Seller Central Integrated Global Shipping insured?

The shipments will be insured as per policy in the applicable carrier terms and conditions. However, we recommend that you contact your insurance agent or broker for insurance coverage.

Can I use additional insurance on shipments booked through the Partnered Carrier program for global shipments?

Yes, you can use additional insurance through a third party by paying offline with your insurance provider.

How do I seek a refund if my shipment is lost in transit?

As per the current policy, Amazon doesn’t provide the refund for the lost goods. You need to connect with the carrier directly asking for a refund. If the shipment is not insured, the carrier as well will not be providing complete refund for the lost goods.

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