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New Product Optimizer (ASINs created in the past 60 days)

New Product Optimizer is a new benefit available to brands on Seller Central.

We identified best practices that may be correlated with ASIN success that we recommend adopting for your newly listed ASIN. Completing all of the recommended new product optimizer best practices within 60 days can improve the customer experience and potentially increase sales.

Recommended Best Practices

  • Price Competitiveness: price competitively to improve discoverability (learn more)
  • In-stock: Ensure the product’s inventory is at a recommended level to account for sales velocity (learn more)
  • Prime: Enroll products in FBA to make them eligible for Prime (learn more about FBA)
  • Detail Page Completion: Enhance the product’s listing based on recommended best practices on product images, bullet points and description (learn more)
  • Minimum Customer Reviews: Get first reviews faster by enrolling in the Early Reviewer Program (learn more)
  • A+ Content: Upload A+ Content to the product (learn more)
  • Sponsored Ads: Introduce your products to more shoppers by running Sponsored Ads (learn more)

New Product Optimizer dashboard

The New Product Optimizer page features your products listed within the past 60 days and provides the following information:

  • ASIN creation date: this program aims at optimizing newly listed products on Amazon and is based on the ASIN creation date.
  • Best practices status: if your product shows “complete”, your product fulfills all of the recommended best practices. If your product shows “incomplete”, your product has not yet adopted all of the recommended best practices. If you wish to complete your ASIN, click on “Adopt best practices” in the Action column. While completing all of the recommended best practices within 60 days improves the customer experience and can help improve sales on Amazon, it is not mandatory
  • Action: Click on “Adopt best practices” or “View best practices” to access the New Product Optimizer Checklist to adopt or view recommended best practices.

New Product Checklist

Access the New Product Checklist to check the status of each recommended best practice for a specific newly listed product or adopt the best practices (e.g. replenishing inventory, adding A+ content or running a Sponsored Ads campaign).

Once the best practices have been adopted, the status will change to “Complete”. Please note, it may take up to 48 hours for the status to be updated both on the Dashboard and the Checklist.


  • I listed an ASIN less than 60 days ago. Why is it not listed on the dashboard?
    • If you have just listed your ASIN, updates typically appear within 48 hours. Please check back in 48 hours
    • You may also check that no filter is set on the left menu, which may prevent your ASINs from being displayed on the main view
  • I adopted all recommended best practices. Why is my ASIN still showing as Incomplete?
    • Updates typically appear within 48 hours. If you have recently completed the list of best practices, check again in 48 hours
    • You may also check at the bottom page the “Updated as of” line to see when the information was last updated
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