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Which tools are used to manage seller feedback?

Feedback Manager is a tool that helps you manage and monitor your seller feedback. This tool provides a consolidated view of seller feedback and rating, and helps you monitor your performance by displaying short-term and long-term feedback rating metrics. It also helps you take guided actions concerning buyers’ issues and request for removal of negative feedback.

You can use Feedback Manager to address any situation by researching the cause behind each negative rating and addressing the buyer’s concerns by making improvements to your processes and policies. For tips on improving and managing feedback, see Best practices to maintain positive feedback and rating.

The Feedback Manager consists of two tables:

  • Feedback Rating table: This table displays the percentages of positive, negative, and neutral feedback rating aggregated for the past 30, 90, 365 days. It also captures record for lifetime.
  • Recent Feedback table: This table is ordered by the date when feedback was received, rating, Order ID, and Actions. Under Actions, you can opt to perform the following:

Note: You can download a report for all neutral and negative feedback by viewing the instructions in Download a report of buyer feedback.
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