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Unsuitable inventory investigations policy

Customer trust is paramount to Amazon, and we strictly prohibit the sale of counterfeit products and other illegal goods. If we find that you have engaged in the sale of such goods through our fulfillment network, we may deactivate your account and offers, consistent with section F-7 of the Fulfillment by Amazon Service Terms in the Business Solutions Agreement ("FBA Service Terms"). We may also withhold and/or dispose of your inventory in order to protect our customers and sellers.

Amazon will notify you if we require additional information about inventory that we have determined may constitute Unsuitable Units under the FBA Service Terms. If your inventory is withheld due to suspected violations of our anti-counterfeit and restricted products policies, we will notify you by email and conduct an investigation.

As part of this investigation, we may request that you provide additional information or documentation regarding your identity, product authenticity, and compliance with applicable laws. We may validate any information that you provide with third parties or government agencies. We may withhold some or all of your inventory while we investigate.

If you do not provide the information we request by the stated deadlines, or if we find that any of your inventory constitutes Unsuitable Units, including but not limited to as a result of fraudulent or illegal activity such as the sale of counterfeit products or illegal goods, the violation of Amazon’s anti-counterfeit policy, or submitting forged documents to Amazon, we may dispose of any such inventory immediately, in accordance with the FBA Service Terms. If we determine that your inventory has not violated this policy, we may release the hold on your inventory or allow you to request that it be returned to you.

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