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FBA inventory reimbursement policy: Shipment to Amazon claims

This page applies to items that are lost or damaged when you ship them to us. The process to a file a claim varies by where in the fulfillment process your item is lost or damaged:

Claim window

Once a shipment is shown as eligible for investigation on the Reconcile tab of the Summary page in your shipping workflow, you can file a claim. You must submit your claim no later than nine months after the verified date of a shipment delivery to an Amazon fulfillment center or to a third-party facility operated on Amazon’s behalf. Claims submitted outside of this window are not eligible for reimbursement.

Before you submit a claim

  • Confirm that the shipment's contents and the number of units are the same as in the shipping plan you created.
  • Check the Reconcile tab to get detailed information about any discrepancies between your shipping plan and what the fulfillment center received. For more information, see Reconcile your shipment.
  • Check your Reimbursements report to see if you have already been reimbursed for the lost or damaged item.

Submit your claim

After reviewing and reconciling the reports above, if you still believe a lost or damaged item is eligible for reimbursement, you can file a claim. To submit a claim for lost units, use the Reconcile tab. To submit a claim for damaged units, open a claim through the Contact Us page in Seller Central.

When filing a claim for lost or damaged units, you must provide the following information and documents, and we may ask you to provide additional information:

  • Amazon shipment ID: You can find the Amazon shipment ID in your Shipping Queue.
  • Proof of inventory ownership: This will help identify any potential discrepancies that may have occurred. Some examples of acceptable documents are an invoice from a supplier, a receipt from another seller, or a signed packing slip if you are a manufacturer. The following information must be included in any documentation:
    • Date of purchase
    • Product names matching the lost or damaged items
    • Quantity
  • Proof of delivery:
    • For less-than-truckload (LTL) or full-truckload (FTL) shipments, a proof of delivery document showing the number of boxes in the shipment and the total weight when it was picked up by the carrier. The document must be stamped by Amazon, confirming that the shipment was received and signed for at the fulfillment center. Your carrier should have a copy of this document. This information helps verify that the entire shipment was picked up by your carrier and shipped as expected.
    • For small-parcel shipments, Amazon needs the active tracking ID, which the carrier can confirm for each package shipped. If you did not use an Amazon partnered carrier and did not provide the tracking information at the time you created the shipment, you must enter it before you can be reimbursed.

Once we complete our investigation of your claim, we will confirm if it is eligible for replacement or reimbursement. In some cases, Amazon may reconcile your shipment.

Note: You may file only one claim per shipment. Additional claims for the same shipment will be declined.

Sellers who generate a high number of shipping problems affecting Amazon receiving operations may be subject to additional investigation and monitoring. These actions could affect your Prime eligibility or result in delays to future reimbursements.

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