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Monthly subscription fee

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The Professional Selling Plan is a monthly subscription service that provides a suite of tools and benefits, including, among others, bulk listings, Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS), automated pricing, advanced business reports, customizable shipping rates, and eligibility for top placement on detail pages.

Fee details

Phase of the Selling Journey Account subscription
Reason for charge Amazon offers monthly subscription services that provide a suite of tools and benefits.
Time of charge Monthly, on the day of the subscription.
Fee structure Per month subscribed. Single, fixed rate.

Suggested articles: The following terms and help articles are helpful to review as a foundation to understand the details of how this fee is calculated.

Professional selling plan

Selling plan comparison

Values used to calculate fee

Selling account subscription status Determine if you are currently enrolled in a Professional selling plan.

Rate card

The Professional selling plan is charged at $39.99 per month.

Fee example

If you enroll in a Professional selling plan on January 15, you will be charged $39.99 on that date. You will continue to be charged $39.99 each month on that same day of the month.

If you cancel your Professional selling plan on March 15, you will be charged $39.99 for that month and not after unless you enroll again.


Frequently asked questions

Where can subscription fee charges be viewed?

Subscription fee charges can be viewed in Payments - Transaction View when filtered by “service fees.”

I did not use any tools and want to end my Professional Selling Plan. Will I get a refund?

As a one-time exception, you are eligible for a refund if you haven’t used your tools and benefits (no listings created) and request a refund within 90 days from a payment date. If you meet the refund criteria, contact Seller Support for assistance with refunds.

If I did not generate a sale, am I eligible for a refund for the most recent charge?

No. The subscription fee is charged for the use of tools and benefits. We do not issue refunds based on your sales records.

My account was blocked or suspended. Will I still be charged the subscription fee?

No, you will not be charged the fee for the month during which your account was blocked or suspended.

Will I be charged the subscription fee if I put my account on Vacation mode?

Yes, you will be charged the fee for the period during which your account is in Vacation mode.

Can I downgrade my Professional Selling Plan?

Yes, you can downgrade to an Individual Selling Plan using the account settings on Seller Central. You will no longer be charged the monthly subscription fee for the subsequent months. You can continue to sell in Amazon stores, but will lose access to the services of the Professional Selling Plan.

I sell across multiple Seller Central accounts globally. Can you show me examples of how my subscription fee is calculated?

Your fee can vary depending on whether you have linked your accounts. When you sell globally across multiple accounts, you are eligible for a subscription fee discount if you link your accounts. Your monthly fee will be the lower of (1) the sum of the subscription fees for each country you sell in or (2) the subscription fee cap of $39.99 USD per month. For example, if you maintain Professional Selling Plan accounts in India ($0 subscription fee) and Mexico (600 MXN/$30.43 USD subscription fee), you would pay a subscription fee of $30.43 USD per month. If you maintain Professional Plan accounts in North America ($39.99 USD subscription fee), Europe (€39.99/$45.94 USD subscription fee), and Japan (¥4,900/$44.18 USD subscription fee), you would just pay $39.99 USD, a monthly savings of $90.12 USD (varies based on exchange rate). Please note if you do not link your accounts, you will pay the full fee for each account.

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