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Customer Service by Amazon Terms & Conditions

Last updated: [7/1/2021]

Welcome to Customer Service by Amazon (“CSBA”). CSBA is provided by the applicable Amazon Contracting Party and any of its applicable Affiliates (“Amazon”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) as defined in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement (the “Agreement”). Any person or entity (“you” or “your”) who uses CSBA is subject to the terms below (the “CSBA Terms”). Any capitalized term not defined in the CSBA Terms will have the same meaning as it does in the agreement.

What is CSBA

CSBA is a paid service to sellers in which Amazon customer service provides customer services on your behalf. You agree to comply with the CSBA Terms when using CSBA.

CSBA Program Requirements

  1. Enrollment: To enroll in CSBA, your account must be created on and be a professional selling account in good standing. We will notify you when your enrollment in CSBA is complete and will begin to provide customer services on your behalf after your enrollment is completed.
  2. CSBA Units: CSBA will provide customer service for units that you fulfilled yourself (“CSBA Units”). CSBA will not provide customer service for any non-CSBA Units, including those fulfilled by Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Seller-Fulfilled Prime. We will provide customer services for CSBA Units in orders placed while you are enrolled in CSBA. If an order contains both CSBA Units and non-CSBA Units, CSBA will provide customer service only for CSBA Units.
  3. Amazon-Provided Customer Service: We will be responsible for all customer service issues relating to shipment and customer returns, refunds, and adjustments related to CSBA Units. We will determine whether a customer will receive a refund, adjustment, or replacement for any CSBA Unit, and you agree to be bound by our decisions. You also consent to deductions against your seller accounts for our decisions to allow returns or refunds.
  4. No Interference with Amazon Customer Service: You may not interfere with any communication between customers and us and you may not instruct us on how to specifically address a customer’s issues. Communications between us and customers for customer service are not recorded in Seller Central and cannot be viewed by you.
  5. Information from You: We will need information from you relating to CSBA Units to provide customer service, including information required in subsections (6)-(9). If you fail to provide information or provide wrong or incomplete information for them, we may take any measures to respond to the customer, determined by us in our discretion to best serve the customer, including cancelling or refunding the order.
  6. Valid Contact Information: We may contact you for information to respond to customer questions by email, telephone, or other means as needed. You must provide valid and current contact information to us and update it immediately in case of change.
  7. 24-Hour Response Time: When we contact you for CSBA inquiries, you must respond with complete and accurate information within 24 hours (including weekends and holidays).
  8. Tracking Numbers for Orders: You must enter a traceable order tracking number provided by the shipping carrier at the time you confirm the order shipment.
  9. Valid Return Address: You must provide a valid return address and ensure this return address is capable of accepting customer returns.

Withdraw from CSBA, Suspension, and Termination

You can withdraw from CSBA at any time with no penalty by following the instructions on CSBA Help page. You will be responsible for customer service for orders placed after your withdrawal. In the event of your non-compliance with any provision of the CSBA Terms, the agreement, or other applicable Program Policies, we may suspend you from using CSBA at our discretion. We may also terminate CSBA as a program or limit its scope at our discretion.


CSBA is a paid service. The CSBA fee schedule is set forth in CSBA Fee Help page . We may waive some or all your CSBA fees for a period.

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