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Amazon Imaging Services

How it works

When you choose Amazon Imaging Services for a product, the item is shipped from a fulfillment center directly to an Amazon imaging studio for professional imaging and returned to the fulfillment center when the imaging is complete. After image editing is complete, the images are published to your Seller Central account and the charges will appear in your Reports menu. Charges are collected as an offset from your sales proceeds. If there are not enough sales proceeds to cover the costs, the unpaid balance is charged to your card on file.

Our photographers image to the Amazon imaging style guide, which is designed to ensure that customers experience consistent, accurate, high-quality images. At least two images of your product will be uploaded to your Seller Central account for display on your listing. Image quantity depends on the product type, features, and complexity.

Amazon Imaging Services aims to accurately represent products as they will be received by customers. This reduces returns and improves both the customer and seller experience. Amazon Imaging Services does not apply unrealistic styling or edits that could result in product misrepresentation.

How to use Amazon Imaging Services

Follow these instructions to request Amazon Imaging Services for each product:

  1. From your dashboard, go to the Inventory dropdown menu, select Manage Inventory, and filter by Fulfilled by Amazon.
  2. From the Edit dropdown on the far right of each product, select Manage Images.
  3. Go to the Images tab and click Let us image your products (Beta).
  4. Review the FAQ and terms and conditions links, and the Order total in the pop-up page.
  5. If you agree to the terms and conditions and the price shown, click Buy Now (One-Click) to request Amazon Imaging Services for this item.
    Note: If you are unable to place an order for any reason, a message will appear in the top right box in place of Buy Now (One-Click).
  6. You will see a green box confirming your work order has been created.

Track your imaging order

You can track the progress of your imaging order by returning to the same pop-up page as outlined above. In the top right box where the Place your order button had been, you will see the following statuses: Order placed, Product received at the studio, Imaging complete, and Imaging billed.

Amazon Imaging Services charges

Charges for each product are shown when you place your imaging order. To find the cumulative charges to your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Reports dropdown and click Payments.
  2. Select the Statement View tab to see the Amazon Imaging Services charges listed under the Other Transactions section.
  3. View the charges from the Transaction View tab. You can see the charges for each Amazon Imaging Services work order.

Frequently asked questions

What does the imaging fee include?

The fee includes retrieving your product from an Amazon fulfillment center, professionally preparing your product, capturing at least two images of your product using Amazon’s style guide, publishing the images to your Seller Central account, and returning your product to an Amazon fulfillment center.

How do I know how much I will pay for each product?

To receive a price quote, follow the instructions in the How to use Amazon Imaging Services section above.

Can I provide the studio with styling notes or specific requests?

We do not take specific image styling requests at this time. Our studios image to our established style guides. For cases when a product type is not yet included in our style guide, our photographers will conduct research to ensure the product is imaged appropriately. Amazon Imaging Services aims to accurately represent products as they will be received by customers. This reduces returns and improves both the customer and seller experience. Amazon Imaging Services does not apply unrealistic styling or edits that could result in product misrepresentation.

What happens to my existing photos and how do I make changes?

The new Amazon images will be uploaded to your account, replacing your main image and first supporting image. Depending on the product type, Amazon may shoot and upload more than two images. If you have additional images beyond the main and the supporting images we replace, they will remain on your listing.

You can add, delete, or replace any images associated with your Seller Central account at any time.

How many products can I have imaged?

There is no limit to the number of products that you can request to be imaged. However, we may limit services at times due to capacity constraints or if we are unable to retrieve your inventory from an Amazon fulfillment center. You will not be billed for requests we do not image.

What if I don’t like the images created by Amazon?

Submit a case to the Selling Partner Support team through the Contact us form, providing the ASIN and detailing the issues you have with the images.

How do I get my product to an Amazon studio?

We take care of getting your product from the Amazon fulfillment center to the imaging studio and returning it when imaging is complete. This transportation is included in your price.

While Amazon is imaging my product, is it available for sale to customers?

Unless you only have one unit in inventory, your product will still be available for sale during the imaging process.

How many images will Amazon create for each product?

We will create at least two images of every product. The number varies by product type, complexity, and product features. You pay the same price you were quoted at the time of your order, no matter how many images we deliver.

How do I load Amazon’s final images to my listing?

We will upload the images to your account for you.

How long will it take to see the final images in my Seller Central account?

Once your order status appears as Product received at the studio, we estimate it will take 15 calendar days to publish your images. You can check the order status by returning to the same pop-up page used to create the order. If there are any issues retrieving your product from inventory, you will be notified. If you are experiencing a delay, contact Seller Support.

Can I use images created by Amazon Imaging Services on sites other than Amazon? Does Amazon provide the image files?

Amazon owns all images created using Amazon Imaging Services. Images from Amazon Imaging Services that include a human model are not permitted for use except on Amazon. Images that do not include a human model may be used on other sites. Amazon reserves the right to withdraw image-use permission at any time. Seller Central does not currently provide downloading of the image files posted to your account.

Is there a time limit to how long images depicting a human model will be used?

After two years, or the relative license period agreed with the model expires (agreements vary), images depicting a human model will be removed. You will be notified 30 days prior to this removal. To obtain new images, you will need to reorder imaging services. If you do not want images to depict a human model, do not create an order in Seller Central. Instead, open a Contact Us case with the Selling Partner Support team noting your request to not image on a human model, the name of your account, and the ASIN(s). We will create the order for you, and your product will be styled and imaged flat on a table.

Will I have an opportunity to preview the images?

Amazon images automatically publish to your Seller Central account for display on your listing, and you will not be able to preview the images prior to publishing.

Are the images Amazon uploads to my account for an ASIN guaranteed to display on that ASIN's detail page?

An algorithm ranks groups of detail page images based on several factors. The highest ranking group of images will be displayed to customers on the detail page. Amazon Imaging Services provides the imagery required to obtain a high image ranking. However, we cannot guarantee image display.

What happens if my products get damaged or lost at the studio?

In the unlikely event of loss or damage to products during imaging, we will reimburse you according to the terms of the Agreement; provided, however, we will not reimburse you for damage to apparel, jewelry, shoes, watch products, perishables, or products that require assembly.

How can I cancel a work order?

Orders can be canceled prior to the status Product received at the studio by opening a Contact Us case with the Selling Partner Support team and providing the ASIN and cancellation reason. View the status of your request by returning to the Amazon Imaging Service pop-up for your ASIN.

If my product has multiple colors or sizes, how is the imaging priced?

You pay only for the ASIN you request, and you only need to request imaging for one size ASIN of the same product. The images will be uploaded only to the ASIN that you requested.

For example, if you have a sweater that comes in red, blue, and black colors and four sizes, you will need to place three imaging orders – a red sweater ASIN, a blue sweater ASIN, and a black sweater ASIN. Amazon will deliver images for the ASINs that were imaged in each of the three color families.

How do I know if a human model will be used for my clothing images?

The decision to image on a human model is based on product, style, and fit, and cannot be predicted during the order process.

Can I choose the human model that is used for my clothing images?

We do not provide this option at this time.

What size apparel should I submit for live model photography?

We recommend the equivalent of a size Small for women, and size Medium for men. We will contact you if we have any issues with the size you selected.

Self-service imaging options

Visit these pages for more information on creating and editing your own photos.

Amazon Imaging Services terms and conditions

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