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Subscribe with Amazon Physical Subscription Agreement

This Subscribe with Amazon Policy supplements and modifies the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement (the “Agreement”) and applies only to products enrolled in the Subscribe with Amazon program (“SwA”). SwA is a Service that enables sellers to offer physical subscription boxes.

Program requirements

Amazon must approve your SwA profile content, including any questions aimed at customization, prior to such content’s usage on Amazon sites. Data regarding customer product preferences and customization will be subject to the same restrictions and controls as personal information under the Agreement.

Subscription box requirements

If your subscription box contains items that you make available for individual sale, the price of the box must be less than the aggregate of the lowest price for each of the constituent items on Your Sales Channels.

If you would like to make a price change to your subscription, you must provide Amazon with thirty (30) days’ prior notice before such change takes effect.

Each calendar-based subscription box must be shipped no later than the earliest subscription box shipment date offered through Your Sales Channels.

Notwithstanding Section 11 in the Agreement, you may include product shipping inserts in your subscription box, provided that the communications primarily promote or advertise you or products sold by you on Amazon and don’t seek to influence a customer to purchase any of Your Products via an alternative sales channel, including Your Sales Channels.

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