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How to refund tax

If a buyer qualifies for tax exempt status, they can request a tax refund. Buyers will request these refunds directly from you, the seller, according to the buyer Help content here.

In order to process a tax refund:

  1. Find the order in Manage Orders and click Refund Order from the Order Details page.
  2. At the top of the Refund order page, click Refund tax only.
  3. Select Tax exempt buyer or Order from an unincorporated area.
  4. For Tax exempt buyer, chose an exemption reason.
  5. For Order from an unincorporated area, choose the jurisdiction(s) that you will refund.
  6. Click Submit refund.
If you are unable to issue a tax only refund, check to see if the order was fulfilled by Amazon or shipped to a state where Amazon manages tax calculation, collection, remittance, and refunds.
In order to verify the Fulfillment method and Tax Collection Obligation follow these steps:
  1. Check the Fulfillment method in the Manage orders page, it should be either ‘Amazon’ or ‘Merchant’.
  2. In the Manage Orders page, check if there is a note next to the tax stating ‘tax is managed by Amazon’ or ‘tax is managed by Merchant’. See Marketplace Tax Collection page, for additional information.
  3. If the fulfillment method is Amazon or the note states ‘tax is managed by Amazon’, you can refer the customer to Amazon Customer Service.
  4. If the fulfillment method is Merchant and the note states ‘tax is managed by Merchant’, the responsibility remains with you to issue refunds.
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