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Create a Sponsored Brands campaign

Sponsored Brands ads feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to three of your products. These ads appear in multiple locations on desktop and mobile pages, including above search results.

To participate in Sponsored Brands, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. Additionally, when you create an ad, it must meet certain requirements before it gets approved. For more information, see Sponsored Brands eligibility requirements.

To create a campaign for Sponsored Brands:

  1. Go to Campaign Manager, click Create campaign, and select Sponsored Brands.
    Note: If your Brand Registry registration status is “Approved” but you’re seeing an error when you try to create a Sponsored Brands campaign, contact us for further assistance.
  2. Enter your campaign name, start and end date, and budget in the Settings section.
  3. Select your ad format and landing page.
    • Product collection: Use this format when you would like to feature a brand logo along with a selection of your products. Clicking a product's image takes shoppers to the product detail page. Clicking the brand logo or the headline directs shoppers to the landing page you designate.
      • Select the products you want to advertise. You must feature at least three products (but no more than 100). For best results, we recommend choosing products in the same category or products with similar keywords. If you enable ASIN optimization, we'll automatically select the most contextually relevant products from your Store or landing page to feature in your creative. If we don't get a strong relevance signal among your other products, we'll use the default products that you select in your creative.
      • Landing page: Your options include a Store, a simple landing page, or a custom landing page. At least two products must be available for purchase on the page you select at all times, or the campaign will be paused. If you select Stores, the products you want to advertise must already be available in the Store.
    • Video (beta): Select a single product you would like to advertise. When Amazon shoppers click your video, they’ll be redirected to a product detail page.
  4. Provide your ad creative.
    • Product collection:
      • Brand name and logo: Choose a 400x400 pixel image under 1MB for your logo. Use logo image from your catalog or upload a new logo image. For logo guidelines, see the Brand Logo Creative Acceptance Policy.
      • Custom image (open beta): Custom image allows you to include imagery that represents your products or brand in a lifestyle setting. A custom image isn't a standalone product image or brand logo. You must use a brand logo in the “Brand Logo” field to participate. Custom images will be displayed on mobile app and mobile browser top of search placements. Choose at least 1200x628 pixel image under 1MB and PNG, JPEG, or GIF file format. For more information, see Custom Image Creative Acceptance Policy.
      • Headline: We’ll recommend preapproved headlines for your brand (this feature is available in English only). All recommended headlines comply with our Sponsored Ads Creative Acceptance Policy and don’t require moderation. You can also create your own headline that reflects your brand message. Note that custom headlines require moderation. Learn about Sponsored Brands moderation
    • Video (beta): Upload your video. Choose a video with 1920x1080px, 1280x720px, or 3840x2160px resolution, and a file size smaller than 500MB. File format must be .mp4 or .mov. Video must be at least six seconds and a maximum 45 seconds. We recommend an optimal video length of 15-30 seconds.
  5. Select your targeting and enter your bids.
  6. Submit your ad for review.

Your ad will go through our review process before your campaign goes live. We'll email you to let you know if your ad was approved or if changes need to be made. The review process is usually completed within 24 hours, but may take as long as three business days.

  • Once your campaign is approved, you can edit the campaign details, such as your landing page, creative, and products by navigating to your campaign and clicking the Edit creative button in the Creative tab.
  • When all ASINs featured in a collection have deals available, the creative will automatically display a message calling out that the brand has deals. This message isn’t customizable. When deals are no longer available, the message will revert to the standard message.
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